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Celebrity Diets Scrutinised – fab or fad?

celebrity diets

Magazines are awash with celebrity diets and exercise regimes that are as far from ‘normal eating’ as you can get, but are these diets a load of rubbish or is there actually some merit to the crazy fads celebrities embark on?   Personally I couldn’t stand the thought of being world famous, my photo in […]

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Here’s What Happened 6 Years After The Biggest Loser

after the biggest loser

The Biggest Loser Participants Appear To Lose Weight Initially But 6 Year Follow-Up Tells Different Story   In 2010, 6 men and 8 women gave their consent to scientists to measure long-term weight loss before they began The Biggest Loser. These 14 individuals were in a unique position. First they had been accepted onto The […]

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Letter to a Celebrity Fitness Trainer, from a Mum

celebrity fitness trainer

Dear Celebrity Fitness Trainer,   What first caught my eye was your bottom. I don’t believe my 3 year old has a bottom as round as that, not that I’ve ever put my 3 year old in tiny hot pants but even so. It’s great. I’m not sure my bottom will ever look like that, […]

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Inspirational Woman Award Goes To….

Women over 30 – did you ever used to watch Hollyoaks circa early 2000’s?  They had a mid-late Sunday morning omnibus which was perfect for lying in bed after a night out, spilling cereal on your duvet while your Mum would make no attempt at prevent your little siblings from banging on your door (you know who you […]

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