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5 Day Habit Change Challenge

Do you have some unhealthy habits that need changing?​ Join this FREE 5 Day Habit Change Challenge and see how easy it is to swap bad habits for good ones, without feeling overwhelmed or confused with too much information. Strict diet plans with set meals and workouts are a great kick start for some, but […]

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Free 7 Day Meal Plan!

7 day meal plan

Get Your Head Out Of The Sand and Kick Start Your Body Transformation Journey in Just 7 Days! Launch Your Weight Loss Journey with this FREE 7 Day Challenge! Not sure where to start? Start Here! You are so confused by all the different diet options available…. Every magazine says something different… The hardest part of […]

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Mum’s Diet and Exercise Plan – The Relaunch!

Finally….A Solution for Busy Mums who struggle to stay in shape, but want to Easily Lose Weight, Tone Up and get you Body Back without it taking over your already stressful home & work life. The Fit Mum Formula Online Weight Loss Programme Are you fed up of trying different diets but not being able […]

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3 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

clean eating meal plan

If you are needing a quick, easy and simple way to get back into healthy eating after falling off the wagon then this 3 day clean eating meal plan is just the ticket.   While there’s no official definition of clean eating, most experts agree it involves whole, natural, nutritious and unprocessed foods, just as […]

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Challenge Your Partner: 6 Fun Fitness Challenges

fitness challenges

If you’re bored of working out alone or need some healthy competition to ramp up your motivation, how about getting a workout buddy and completing some fitness challenges to keep you both on your toes?   Double the incentive!   Many people find that working out with a friend or gym buddy makes them stick […]

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Mums’ Weight Loss Video

weight loss video

This weight loss video presentation was created to show how Mums like you can lose weight both safely and permanently.   I’ll teach you exactly how I coach my Mums to lose weight while not going hungry, crushing sugar cravings, ramping up your metabolism and having more energy than you did before kids came along!   […]

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Mums’ 22 Push Up Challenge

You won’t have missed the 22 Push Up Challenge if you’re on Facebook (and 1.17 billion people are, you likely included), or indeed any other social media platform. The 22 Push Up Challenge is the latest fitness challenge to go viral in a bid to raise money for a good cause – this time for […]

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The Weight Loss Plan That Mums Everywhere are Talking About

ATTENTION MUMS: Once you see how EASY this weight loss plan for Mums is, you’ll wonder why you have been waiting… How To Quickly and Easily Regain You Health And Fitness Without leaving the house to do hours on the treadmill Leading Mums Fitness Expert Polly Hale Reveals This Little Known Proven Formula To Health and fitness Even If You’ve […]

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Play This Fun Fitness Game to Win Back Your Health!

If you want some spontaneous fun fitness ideas then look no further than this online fun fitness roulette game from Ladbrokes. Let’s face it we can all get into a rut with our exercise and diet regimes, so anything that encourages us to inject a bit of variety is going to stop you getting bored, […]

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