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What’s the Best Cheese for Weight Loss?

cheese for weight loss

If you’re both a cheese lover and trying to lose weight then no doubt you’ll be wondering what is the best cheese for weight loss, or whether you can eat cheese at all!   Thankfully you can eat cheese, indeed you can eat any food in the world and still lose weight so long as […]

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After School Cheese Scones with a Healthy Twist

cheese scones healthy

Cheese scones are such a favourite with kids and grown ups alike – mild, comforting, filling, and just as conveniently portable on picnics as they are eaten warm at home.   But refined white flour isn’t the healthiest of ingredients so this recipe uses a mixture of ground almonds and coconut flour for some extra […]

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Banana-Nut Healthy Cheesecake Recipe

banana healthy cheesecake

This healthy cheesecake recipe is a long way from the low calorie, processed imitation ‘diet’ cheesecakes that big diet food brands make (and trust me I’ve tried most of them).   The problem is, cheesecake is naturally a very high calorie, high sugar treat food. When you try and make sugary puddings healthy, somewhere along […]

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Gluten Free Cheese Crackers

This recipe has a family story behind it. When I was  little my Granny (known as Gangy, because little people can’t always get their words out, of course), would make us oaty cheese crackers made of oats, flour, cheese and butter, nothing else. All wholesome goodness, and very easy for small hands and toothless mouths […]

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Spinach & Feta Protein Pow Pea Protein Pancakes

These were some of the yummiest savoury pancakes I’ve every made. I love blending spinach into pancakes – it adds moisture and an easy sneaky way to get more veg in. Spinach & Feta Protein Pow Pea Protein Pancakes INGREDIENTS 50g Spinach 1 egg 30g Protein Pow Pea Cooking Mix 50g feta cheese 1/4 tsp […]

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Healthy Ricotta Pancakes

ricotta pancake

Think pancakes are an indulgent treat? Well they are but they can also be super healthy if you know how to make them as such! Check out my contribution to Nicola Joyce aka The Fit Writer’s blog on healthy pancake recipes. FLOURLESS RICOTTA PANCAKES Ingredients (makes 2 pancakes) – 2 eggs – 100g ricotta cheese – […]

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Cottage Cheese Quick Lunches

cottage cheese ideas

As a self-induced crazily busy Mum to two young children, I am often in need of a satisfying, nutrient, energy giving, preferably cheap, and most importantly super quick and easy lunch. Lunchtime is (obviously) in the middle of the day, and by that I mean in the middle of feeding and settling the baby for […]

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