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Baby milk, weaning and boobs!


Mother and Baby Magazine asked me once again for some advice on weaning, breastfeeding and dairy free infant alternatives, so here’s the reader questions answered below.   You can read other Mother & Baby Mag q&a’s I’ve done here and here.   Click on the picture to go to the pdf of read my answers […]

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Leftover Baby Food – The Secret Ingredient

leftover baby food

Today I hope to put an end to the leftover baby food waste conundrum.   As any hygiene and safety conscious Mother knows (or rather, what the parenting ‘experts’ tell us), we should never keep leftover baby food once it has been heated, little fingers probing it, throwing it on the floor and sharing it […]

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Burn off the Easter Eggs With This Fun Activity!

This is the most awesome game to play at Easter with your kids, and makes a fab couple of hours out in the fresh air, AND it’s fantastic exercise! Egg Rolling is so much fun!   The tradition of Egg Rolling, also known as Pace-Egging, goes back hundreds of years, from the Old English word […]

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Should You Send Your Kids To Bootcamp?

Is it just me or is our obsession with all things health, diet, and fitness now being inflicted on our children, as young as 2?! Don’t get me wrong, as a nutritionist and the Director of a health and fitness company I’m a Tiger Mother when it comes to my kids’ well-being – they don’t […]

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