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Is a Vegan Christmas more Ethical?

vegan christmas

Back in Spring I helped out some students with a radio interview about having a vegan Christmas and whether this would be a more ethical choice than the traditional turkey and brandy butter we know and love. Most people choose to eat a vegan diet for health or ethical reasons or both, but do these […]

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It’s definitely ok to not workout over Christmas

workout over christmas

Should you workout over Christmas? There’s no wrong answer and this article will help you decide what’s right for you. Exercise is good for us, there’s no doubting that. But you can have too much of a good thing and rest and relaxation are important too.   Christmas for many people is also a busy […]

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7 Healthy Christmas Treats You’ve Never Tried

healthy christmas treats

Think Christmas has to be either about stuffing your face or being a food humbug? These healthy Christmas treats are just what the kitchen table ordered if you want to have your Christmas cake and eat it this year.   I’ve selected some amazing Christmas inspired recipes from bloggers across the net to bring you […]

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Healthy Gingerbread Protein Biscuits

healthy gingerbread biscuits

If you can’t find me this December I’ll be curled up by the fire eating these Christmassy healthy gingerbread biscuits.   I’m actually not a massive fan of ginger. Or rather, too often there’s too much in a recipe, and it becomes overpoweringly spicy.   This is a shame because in ‘just the right amount’ […]

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5 Healthy Gifts for Dad

gifts for dad

Finding gifts for Dad is hard at the best of times, why is it that men are so hard to shop for?!   In our house it’s that James is a terrible spender and while he doesn’t want a lot, if he does see something he just goes and buys it, meaning there’s nothing left […]

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How To Have a Healthy Christmas

healthy christmas

A healthy Christmas doesn’t have to be boring or mean deprivation. However eating healthily when you’re surrounded by calorific tasty treats is not easy.   But healthy Christmas food is available too, not just Brussels sprouts & clementines, but in the sense that it is possible to enjoy treats while exercising some restraint at the […]

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You Should Eat Mince Pies on a Diet

mince pies

Is it ok to eat mince pies when you’re trying to eat healthily? What about all the other tasty festive treats we’re surrounded by over Christmas, surely they’re going to ruin your diet?   The ‘problem’ with these foods is that they are usually high in sugar and fat, making them high calorie (which adds up […]

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FREE Healthy Christmas Recipes!

healthy christmas recipes egg nog

Swapping calorie laden treats for healthy Christmas recipes that still taste amazing is one simple way to avoid weight gain this Christmas. Not only that but you’ll have more energy, feel less sluggish and bloated, avoid indigestion, and are less likely to fall ill with colds and flu during the cold weather. Give your Christmas […]

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Christmas Cake gets a Healthy Makeover

christmas cake 5

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas cake, and even those who aren’t a fan often end up having a slice just because it wouldn’t ‘taste like Christmas’ without it!   I draw the line at eating it with Stilton – a tradition my parents insist on, though personally I’m not a smelly cheese fan even […]

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12 Healthy Christmas Food Swaps (no sprouts involved)

Having a healthy Christmas isn’t as difficult as you think. And it doesn’t have to mean missing out on tasty treats either! I’m the first to admit I’m a complete chocoholic and Christmas is no exception (in fact it’s more of an excuse!)   But with the average person gaining 5-7 lb over Christmas and suffering […]

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