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9 Awesome Christmas Fitness Gifts

christmas fitness gift

Fitness gifts make excellent Christmas presents for lots of reasons. They’re also a lot more personal than chocolates, booze and toiletries as they tell the receiver you really know what they are interested in.   And they’re certainly healthier than the first two! Of course a little discretion is required. I wouldn’t be too impressed […]

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Why Do You Feel Tired in Winter?

feel tired

It’s getting colder, darker, the days are getting shorter, and with it your energy levels plummet and we feel tired more than usual.   It’s the same old story, as we push through Autumn towards Winter; coughs, colds and flu are more prevalent, and just when we should be enjoying Festive celebrations with friends and […]

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Healthy Winter Warmer Recipes

The winter coats have been bought, the scarves are almost permanently attached to our necks and the shops are playing Christmas songs; winter really is here. What better way to make us feel all warm and cosy then than some winter warmer recipes? Whether you’re pre-toxing for the festive season, need something quick and easy […]

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  This tastes best if it is made a few days in advance and allowed to mellow, well wrapped and refrigerated. It can also be frozen. Thaw first and reheat in the microwave. Serves 16.   INGREDIENTS Many of the ingredients can be found on buywholefoodsonline here, use code POLLY-IMZB to get 5% off all […]

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We reckon it’s only humbugs who deprive themselves of seasonal treats like mince pies for the sake of their waistline; there have to be some pleasures in life! Here’s a low starch, low sugar version that is compatible with a fat-loss lifestyle, but will be popular with everyone. Makes 20.   I have a free […]

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Advent, derived from the Latin word for ‘coming’, is the term given to the three weeks leading up to Christmas, or more specifically, the birth of Jesus. Many of you doing The Fit Mum Formula’s Bodyback programme are Mums; do you remember those final weeks? How could you forget, right?! Backache, heartburn, swollen ankles, Braxton […]

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