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The Instafit Challenge – a Bournemouth Uni Diet Documentary

the instafit challenge

Could you eat like an ‘Instafit’ Instagram ‘wellness’ influencer?   That’s the challenge one Bournemouth University student took on when she decided to make a documentary about the different diets people follow in a bid to lose weight, be fitter and healthier and look, well, like an Instagram wellness Influencer!   I was asked to […]

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Using the Paleo Diet for Weight Loss

paleo diet for weight loss

People try the Paleo diet for weight loss but also for many other reasons such as improved digestion, to lessen symptoms of disease, raise energy levels and reduce changes of conditions like heart disease and diabetes.   The question is does it work, and are the fairly restrictive rules even necessary?   The Paleo diet […]

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One Angry Chef and the Detox Myth

angry chef detox myth

It’s Summer as I type this – the hottest week in 20 years, and I’m being targeted with adverts online about Detox Retreats, so I’m devoting the next 10 minutes to debunking the detox myth.   With a new wellness / detox / clean eating /vegan / paleo / alkaline bloggers taking over our Instagram […]

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3 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

clean eating meal plan

If you are needing a quick, easy and simple way to get back into healthy eating after falling off the wagon then this 3 day clean eating meal plan is just the ticket.   While there’s no official definition of clean eating, most experts agree it involves whole, natural, nutritious and unprocessed foods, just as […]

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Clean Eating – Is it right for you?

clean eating salad

Clean eating has been a massive trend for some years now,   But what exactly is it, is it healthy, and is it right for you and your family?   While there’s no official definition of clean eating, most advocators insist on no processed foods, no refined sugar or flour, And some cut out dairy […]

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Do The Most Popular Diets Work?

Fads and trends come and go, usually accompanied by celebrity endorsements and a wonderful array of marketing tactics, but do today’s popular diets actually work? It’s a sorry fact that today more people in developed countries are either overweight and/or dieting than those who aren’t. Being on a diet is so common that we are […]

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Eating Healthy Food But Not Losing Weight?

Eating a really healthy diet but still not losing weight? It’s frustrating, I know. You’re being inspired by healthy food bloggers and pretty Instagram meals, and you’re actually taking action and making healthy food which is better than most people who just click ‘like’ then go back to their ready meals. Food quality is really […]

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