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10 absolute must-do’s for staying mentally well and happy

10 tips for staying happy

My medical notes are piled high on the consultant’s desk. Complex, is a very mild way of putting my mental health history. In fact I was even used as a ‘demonstration’ at Southampton University, giving talks to psychology students about my experiences, to help them with their studies. I shouldn’t really be here at all, […]

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Avoid Antidepressant Withdrawal

antidepressant withdrawal symptoms

It’s no secret I’ve battled mental health problems for years and have taken medication for it, but I’m very thankful I didn’t suffer with Antidepressant withdrawal symptoms like many people do.   In fact 4 million people are at risk of withdrawal symptoms in England every year, yet only 25% say they got advice on […]

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What it’s really like living with Mental Illness, with Darko Botic (podcast)

living with mental illness podcast

You’ll never really understand what it’s like living with mental illness until you experience it yourself, with so many people struggling in one way or another, this podcast will hopefully help you understand better, or let you know that you’re not alone.   This podcast was with Darko Botic, a personal trainer and health coach […]

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21 Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder

signs of an eating disorder

Eating Disorders can be a serious and devastating illness, but like many illnesses chances of recovery are far better if they are caught early. So knowing the signs of an eating disorder could not only save a lot of pain and heartache, but could actually save a life too. And I should know, I suffered […]

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My Eating Disorder Recovery Story

eating disorder recovery

Since my Eating Disorder recovery videos went viral and I was invited to speak on Sky News, I’ve been able to reach out and  offer support and encouragement to other sufferers and their families.   I remember the first day I was admitted to hospital – one day, when I was strong enough, I would […]

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My Eating Disorder Confession

I nearly died of an eating disorder. I’ve got to warn you this is raw, and I don’t mean uncooked, I mean emotionally raw. I love food, especially food that makes you feel good. But I wasn’t always like this, not by a long way. In fact, I nearly died. This is my ‘Coming Out’. […]

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