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Letter to a Celebrity Fitness Trainer, from a Mum

celebrity fitness trainer

Dear Celebrity Fitness Trainer,   What first caught my eye was your bottom. I don’t believe my 3 year old has a bottom as round as that, not that I’ve ever put my 3 year old in tiny hot pants but even so. It’s great. I’m not sure my bottom will ever look like that, […]

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Juicing For Weight Loss – good or bad idea?

Would I recommend juicing for weight loss? It sounds like a good idea. After all we should all be eating more fruit and vegetables. Fruit and veg contain many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Plus they’re low calorie compared to fats, carbohydrates and protein (aside from fat-containing ones like avocados), so juicing for weight loss and […]

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Why Fat Burner Supplements DO Work

Testimonials for fat burner supplements aren’t lying – People DO take them and get amazing results. It’s the same with fad diets, detoxes, or any weight loss regime. But are they telling the whole story or are there other factors that have been missed? For example, who exactly are these people who gt great results? […]

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What’s The Best Detox For Kids?

Let’s start with is there actually such thing as a detox for kids? A quick google search suggests that whilst there are no actual ‘products’ designed specifically for detoxing children, and you can’t (as far as I can see), purchase a detox ‘package’ in same way that you can order a few day’s worth of […]

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Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss?

Do meal replacement shakes work for weight loss? And if meal replacement shakes do make people lose weight, are they a healthy way of doing so? Just to clarify, I’m not talking about quality protein powders here (my two faves being Reflex and Sun Warrior). Whey (from milk) and vegan protein powders are highly nutritious, great […]

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Weight Loss Superfoods – Do They Work?

Are there such things as effective weight loss Superfoods? What is a Superfood anyway? Do you need them? How do you use them? And most importantly will they improve your health or help you lose weight?!   Additional highly nutritious ‘Superfoods’ include: Kiki Nature’s Living Superfood Blend – 100% raw,  green alkalising whole food supplement. It is […]

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Are Raw Vegetables Healthier than Cooked? (video)

Which are healthier, raw vegetables or cooked vegetables? Which contains more nutrients? Which nutrients are better absorbed?   Raw foodists would have you believe that everything we eat should be raw, or at least only cooked at very low temperatures, and instead we should sprout, soak and dehydrate food to make it edible. Then we […]

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Only Fat People Use Raspberry Ketones

  Raspberry Ketones; all over the news, but what exactly are they? A new confectionary? This season’s must have shoe colour? A type of birth mark? Actually, Ketones are compounds found in various berries, and are commonly used in perfumery, cosmetics, and foods to impart a fruity odour. Extraction can be done using a variety […]

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Why Alcohol Hinders Fat Loss

It’s old news that alcohol contains calories (seven per gram, the most calorific substance after fat), and therefore can cause weight gain. We all know that, it’s common sense. So, why, specifically, does it interfere with fat loss? Why does it cause fat gain? How come some foods will make you build muscle, especially if […]

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