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UK Sugar Report & “Sugar Tax” – WatchFit Experts Respond Pt. 2

Following on from Part 1, explore Watchfit Experts thoughts on the role and responsibility of advertising and so-called ‘health’ foods . They also offer practical advice on how to curb the obesity epidemics, and the responsibility we all have to ensure a healthy future for our communities.   The ‘Healthy’ foods that aren’t I wrote: “Should […]

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UK Sugar Report & “Sugar Tax” – WatchFit Experts Respond Pt. 1

PHE Report: sugar & an increase in obesity Sugar. It is definitely not good for you, but a controversial report released by Public Health England suggests that it may be the cause for the excessive and life-threatening rise in obesity witnessed over the past 30 years.   WatchFit Experts Respond We’ve reached out to four […]

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Bulletproof Coffee – what it is and what to do with it; an Idiot’s Guide

Ever heard of putting butter in your coffee? Even stranger – did you hear it’s supposed to be really good for you?! I was asked what I thought by online magazine The Debrief; you can read my answers here. Here’s an excerpt: Nutrionist and author Pollyana Hale suggests thats although yes fats can be good for you, […]

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Ask an expert:- How to Lose Weight for your Wedding Day

If there’s one thing a bride wants on her Wedding Day (second of course to becoming legally tied to the one you love!) it’s to feel confident that it’s your day to shine and be the centre of attention, with everyone admiring how beautiful your dress is and how happy you look. You’ll be photographed […]

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The Benefits of Grass Fed Meat

What are the benefits of grass fed meat? Grass fed or grain fed? Do we really know what we are eating when it comes to meat, poultry, eggs and dairy? The answer for most people is almost certainly no. And the answer to your next question, is grass fed is better. Here I’ll explain why. […]

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The Perfect Diet

What’s the perfect diet? Is it low carb? Vegetarian? Low sugar? Vegan? Paleo? Low fat? High fat? High fibre? How many calories do we need? How many of these calories should be protein/carbohydrates/fat?   IS there such thing as the perfect diet? What exactly should I be eating? I get asked these sorts of questions […]

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Health Trend Predictions for 2014 – What’s In Store This Year?

Anyone picked up a magazine or newspaper this month to find it’s not mentioned weightloss? No me neither. January is the most popular month for embarking on health, fitness and weight management regimes, closely followed by the late Spring/early Summer pre-bikini season.   So what do the media make of all this?   We’ll if […]

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