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Garlic & Herb Protein Pow Pancake

garlic herb protein pancake

I LOVE pancakes! Breakfast, lunch, supper, snack, anytime is pancake time and every day is pancake day. Why? Well for starters you can make them in 5 minutes, literally. Suits me. Secondly, they can be any flavour, again literally, in the world. I see a lot of sweet pancakes and baking going on on social […]

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Two Chicks ‘Chirps’ Review – Egg White Crisps

Two Chicks ‘Chirps’ Review – Egg White Crisps “We wanted a snack with the bite of a crisp that was high in protein and lower in fat and carbohydrate. Chirps contain egg white which is one of the highest quality protein sources available. We brought you our liquid egg products for the kitchen – here’s […]

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