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How Much Fat Should You Eat for Weight Loss?

how much fat butter

How much fat is necessary for health, and how much is too much?   What if your goals are weight loss, does that mean you should eat less fat?   What are the healthiest types of fat, and which ones should you be avoiding? Unfortunately there’s no one exact number for everyone, since everyone’s body, […]

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Are You Eating These 5 Healthy Foods the Wrong Way?

5 healthy foods

It’s a confusing world out there when it comes to diet and nutrition, so case in point you might be eating these 5 healthy foods completely the wrong way!   We humans like things to be black and white – good or bad, right or wrong.   But when it comes to food there are […]

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Is Peanut Butter Healthy?

peanut butter healthy

Is peanut butter healthy or unhealthy? Will it make you fat?   Is it bad for you heart? Is it junk food? Peanut butter is popular in bodybuilding circles. It’s also used by the clean eating clan. It’s equally an important part of many popular chocolate bars! No wonder it’s confusing. Click Here to watch the […]

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Benefits of Coconut (and what to do with it)

You can’t have missed the rising popularity of coconut in the last couple of years, and for good reason – the benefits of coconut and products made with it are so broad and it’s uses so variable it’s fast replacing many foods and even toiletries and medicines! The coconut provides a nutritious source of meat, […]

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Low Fat or Full Fat? (not as simple as you’d think)

The low fat vs high fat debate is still running. It’s now been joined by the low carb vs ‘balanced’ (high carb tends to be the preserve of endurance athletes like marathon runners), which serves to make people now doubly confused. We were told for years following the nutritional guidelines of the 1980’s that we […]

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Is Saturated Fat Unhealthy? (video)

So is it true or not? Is Saturated fat unhealthy? Saturated fat was for years blamed for heart disease, strokes, diabetes and of course obesity. But is it true? Are the fats found in meat, dairy and eggs killing us? Saturated fats are mostly found in animal products – meat, poultry, eggs and dairy (especially […]

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A Guide to the Best and Worst Cooking Oils for Healthy Fat Levels

A Guide to the Best and Worst Cooking Oils for Healthy Fat Levels   Choosing the right kind of cooking oil can be a nightmare for people looking to monitor their fat levels. With so many different oils to choose from, and so much conflicting advice on what kind of oils to choose, it can […]

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Bulletproof Coffee – what it is and what to do with it; an Idiot’s Guide

Ever heard of putting butter in your coffee? Even stranger – did you hear it’s supposed to be really good for you?! I was asked what I thought by online magazine The Debrief; you can read my answers here. Here’s an excerpt: Nutrionist and author Pollyana Hale suggests thats although yes fats can be good for you, […]

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