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Is seaweed spaghetti actually any good?

seaweed spaghetti

I’d never even heard of seaweed spaghetti until a couple of years ago, and first assumed it must be seaweed flavoured pasta, like that green spinach pasta I was always suspicious of as a child.   But it turns out seaweed spaghetti isn’t actually pasta at all.   It’s 100% seaweed, no added anything, yet […]

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Are Whole Grains Good or Bad?

grains good or bad

It’s so hard to know what’s healthy with so much conflicting information around. Are grains good or bad? Should I go gluten free? Are bread and pasta fattening?   So are wholegrains an important part of our health or are they worth the demonisation they have been receiving of late?   To judge, we have […]

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How do you know if you have a Food Intolerance?

food intolerance

There are many expensive food intolerance tests you can do, but are they reliable?   Food intolerances are on the rise – more people are reacting to previously every day foods such as milk, bread, corn and soy products (a common additive).   The most common intolerances are gluten (in wheat and some other grains), […]

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Tested: Jamie Oliver Recipe for Protein Bread

jamie oliver protein bread 3

I went on a hunt for a decent protein bread loaf a while ago and came across this Jamie Oliver Recipe while he was promoting his Superfood Book.   Every protein loaf I’ve bought in the past has been dry and tasteless. And every gluten free bread I’ve tasted is like eating a bath sponge.   […]

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Will a gluten free Diet help you lose weight?

gluten free diet

Many people are opting to follow a gluten free diet these days.   Unfortunately many don’t even know why they are doing it! While some people have Coeliac Disease and cannot eat gluten at all, and others have an intolerance which also means they don’t feel well when they eat gluten, There are people who […]

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8 Healthy Pasta Alternatives

If only there were some pasta alternatives that were as quick, convenient and versatile as the regular stuff but that wasn’t made of refined white flour (and gluten too, for those sensitive to it). Well there is……it’s pasta, but not as you know it! Look I understand, pasta with grated cheese and frozen peas is served up probably […]

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Gluten Free Carrot Cake (really healthy!)

Healthy Gluten Free Carrot Cake Another dose of ‘have your cake and eat it’ with this delicious and healthy gluten free carrot cake. Once you pass the age of 12 and no longer favour chocolate and multicoloured sprinkles my studies show (as in my very scientific studies involving asking the Mums at toddler group) that […]

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Protein Pow Seedy Bread

Bread is difficult to make when you’re not using wheat flour & yeast. Trust me I’ve tried every gluten free baking brand going, and multiple recipes from scratch. They either turn out one of soggy, dry, hard, flat, chewy, burnt, or just down right disgusting. So when I find a recipe that’s edible it’s worth […]

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Guilt Free Protein Pow Orange Coconut Cake

I prefer to make my own birthday cake every year, as it gives me a chance to experiment with healthy baking options. I’m a December baby, and this was this years tasty result! ORANGE & COCONUT CAKE   Many of the ingredients can be found on buywholefoodsonline here, use code POLLY-IMZB to get 5% off […]

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Christmas Praline Chocolate Gluten-Free Chia Porridge

Is it just me or does ‘normal’ porridge get a bit samey? I love, no make that absolutely adore a hot bowl of something squidgy and comforting on winter mornings. There’s something about it being almost too hot to eat that somehow makes it feel much more satisfying than a cold breakfast, at least in […]

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