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Healthy Alternatives to Bread

alternatives to bread

There are a few reasons you might be looking for alternatives to bread but chances are it’s for health reasons and not taste – who doesn’t love warm fresh crusty bread?! But even if we rule out gluten intolerance, white flour and products made with it are very processed and nutritionally don’t offer many benefits. […]

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Are Whole Grains Good or Bad?

grains good or bad

It’s so hard to know what’s healthy with so much conflicting information around. Are grains good or bad? Should I go gluten free? Are bread and pasta fattening?   So are wholegrains an important part of our health or are they worth the demonisation they have been receiving of late?   To judge, we have […]

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8 Unhealthy Foods you Thought were Healthy

unhealthy foods cereal

Funny how foods and diets go in and out of fashion. People just can’t seem to make their minds up what are unhealthy foods and what are good for you after all.   Each week brings new research and science, so slowly we are increasing our knowledge of what’s really good for us.   But […]

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Will a gluten free Diet help you lose weight?

gluten free diet

Many people are opting to follow a gluten free diet these days.   Unfortunately many don’t even know why they are doing it! While some people have Coeliac Disease and cannot eat gluten at all, and others have an intolerance which also means they don’t feel well when they eat gluten, There are people who […]

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8 Healthy Pasta Alternatives

If only there were some pasta alternatives that were as quick, convenient and versatile as the regular stuff but that wasn’t made of refined white flour (and gluten too, for those sensitive to it). Well there is……it’s pasta, but not as you know it! Look I understand, pasta with grated cheese and frozen peas is served up probably […]

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