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Hunger and PMT – manage your month!

hunger pmt

Ripping cupboards open to find food when you’re due on? So are we all, us women.   Hormones are to blame, naturally, but what do these hormones actually do that make us hungry?   Before your period your metabolism genuinely increases by around 200 calories, though unfortunately you’re probably hungry for more than that. It’s […]

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Why Are You Always Hungry?

always hungry

Being always hungry when trying to lose weight is extremely frustrating.   After all you need to eat less but being hungry makes you miserable, uncomfortable, and are much more likely to fall off the wagon.   Maybe you’ve always had a big appetite or maybe this is something that’s started happening more recently, but […]

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The Sleep and Weight Loss Connection

sleep and weight loss

You might not think sleep and weight loss are connected but in fact when you’re asleep is when the magic happens.   As they say, it’s not in the gym where the progress is made, it’s when you’re resting afterwards.   However if you’re a busy Mum chances are your sleep has taken a hit […]

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Are Hunger Hormones Keeping You Fat?

hunger hormones

While calories dictate weight loss and gain, hunger hormones could be making you eat more and gain weight (or not lose it) as a result.   There are various hunger hormones at play but the main ones are leptin and ghrelin.   Ghrelin is secreted in the stomach and makes you hungry. Leptin is released […]

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How Often Should You Eat For Weight Loss?

how often should you eat clocks

To lose weight you need to eat fewer calories overall, but how often should you eat for weight loss?   Some people thing eating little and often is best. At the other end of the scale Intermittent Fasting, not eating at all for several hours (or entire days) and eating more on other days is […]

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6 Reasons You are Overeating & How To Stop!

If you are overweight or can’t lose weight, you are overeating too many calories – it’s as simple as that! Maybe you know this already…   It’s a simple mathematical formula of energy in vs energy out. But the reasons you’re overeating could be one or many, so without knowing why you can’t stop at […]

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How To Stop Craving Food

craving food

The worst thing when you’re trying to cut calories and eat less is the continued cravings for food! But don panic, it’s not your fault! In fact it’s your brain’s built-in survival mechanism to ensure you don’t die of starvation. It’s natural! In the early stages of human evolution eating happened whenever you found and […]

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