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6 Exercises for Back Pain

exercises for back pain

Doing a few simple exercises for back pain can really help to reduce symptoms or even prevent back pain from occurring in the first place.   If you have an actual injury you need to get advice from your healthcare professionals as each person’s problems are unique.   But most pack pain isn’t due to […]

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How To Exercise While Injured

It always seems to happen to someone else, yet now it’s you who’s hurt. So as a fitness enthusiast, is it possible to still exercise while injured? For anyone who exercises an injury that sets them back feels like the worst thing that can happen. Whether you workout because you love it or because you […]

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How To Treat Muscle Strain Video (RICE Method)

A pulled muscle, or muscle strain, isn’t fun at all. While some minor cases are merely an irritation, other times it can literally take you off your feet, mean missing work, and certainly restraining from exercise for a short while. Exercise and being physically active is great, but injuries can hold us back, and that […]

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Alternative Exercises for Injuries pt. 1 – Lunges (video)

Ever been in an exercise class where the instructor has not given any alternative exercises or variations to adapt for different fitness levels? Or perhaps you went in with a minor injury hoping you could just leave that foot/arm/*insert body part* out and just do whatever you can but the class leader has provided absolutely […]

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Should You Exercise When Sick?

Should you make yourself exercise when sick?   Is it ok to exercise when you’re just a little bit poorly as opposed to really unwell? How do you know when you are too ill to exercise and should rest instead? For more help on getting in shape, losing weight and improving your energy and health get your […]

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