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Tips for getting started on vegan eating

getting started on vegan

It’s shown that eating less meat and animal products could be good for the environment as well as encouraging us to eat a mite varied, plant rich diet. This article will help you with getting started on vegan eating without boredom or overwhelm.   However going completely vegan has its downsides as meat, fish, eggs […]

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40 OK Cheat Foods, for Men’s Health (and women too!)

cheat foods

When you’re on a diet cheat foods appeal even more, because they’re the forbidden fruit. Or are they?   While I normally work with women, Men’s Health Magazine contacted me for advice on how and why so called ‘cheat foods’ are fine to include in your diet.   The reason you can ‘have your cake […]

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New #FITFAM Fitness Magazine!

fitfam fitness magazine

This is a fitness magazine put together by a student I helped out recently. It’s packed with great, valuable, celebrity and professional endorsed entertaining content, and I know you’re going to love it.   Amber Lovell is a talented University student who’s own health and fitness journey inspired a health focussed magazine for her dissertation; […]

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Every thought about starting a blog?

The fit mum formula: behind the content with Pollyanna Hale     Pollyanna Hale helps Mums lose weight, get fit, and have more energy and body confidence with online coaching and programmes, books and a free Facebook community group. A Mum of two young girls, Polly understands how hard it is for us Mums to […]

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Closer Magazine Beach Body Special

beach body diet

About this time of year I get panic emails from Mums who have booked a family holiday and want to get beach body ready so you feel more confident in a skimpy swim suit.   If I’m honest I don’t really like the ‘beach body’ concept for several reasons.   1) It implies a temporary […]

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The (not so new) Nordic Diet – Is THIS how to live longer?

Move over Mediterranean diet, the Nordic diet is the new must-do eating regime to lose weight and live longer. Well it is if you’ve read the headlines, and even the studies, that have shown that the Nordic diet is actually quite healthy.   Women’s glossy Prima Magazine recently did a write up and asked me to […]

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Do Supermarkets Promote Unhealthy Eating?

At this time of year we’re all feeling the pinch, both in our belts and our purses. We’ve eaten lots of yummy food over Christmas, spent loads of money on presents, and now January is here it’s time to get back into a healthier way of eating and being more careful of what we spend. […]

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The Plus Size Debate, for The Sun’s Fabulous Magazine

Is it time to ditch plus-size labelling? With almost a third of UK women considered plus-size, many believe the term is now meaningless.   WHEN Australian fitness brand The Upside launched its new ad campaign earlier this year, it could never have foreseen the furore it would spark. Designed to celebrate all body types, its […]

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