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Is Food Combining any good for Weight Loss

food combining

The Food Combining Diet, also known as the Hay diet after it’s founder William Hay, was developed as a lifestyle plan to treat obesity and other diseases and health problems such as heart disease and digestive problems.   The principals are that since different foods digest at different speeds, combining them disrupts optimal digestion and […]

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To Meat or Not – Is Vegan Healthy?

is vegan healthy

The number of vegans in the UK has risen by over 350% in the past decade and continues to rise, but is Vegan healthy?   A vegan diet contains no animal products at all, not even a tiny smear of butter or sweets made with gelatin from pigs.   Animal products like meat, fish, eggs […]

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How to Eat More to Lose Weight

eat more to lose weight

It is actually possible to eat more to lose weight, but it’s very easy to get wrong.   Hunger is a big problem for people trying to lose weight.   Weight loss requires a reduction in calories (food), which, obviously, is going to leave you hungrier than before. Your body instinctively doesn’t want you to […]

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How To Stop Counting Calories

stop counting calories calculator

Your biggest fear if you were to stop counting calories is likely that you’d accidentally overeat and gain weight.   And that’s not an unfounded concern – it is possible that if you’re not aware of calories you could consume too many.   But being aware of and mindful of calories is not the same […]

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How to Make Tasty Healthy Food

tasty healthy food

Being able to make tasty healthy food is important because no matter how dedicated and determined you are, if you food is consistently bland and boring your’re going to have a hard time sticking to it.   But how do you make healthy food taste good without adding a tonne of calories?   If you […]

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Turn your Favourite Meals into Healthy Recipes

healthy recipes

Looking online for healthy recipes for inspiration is great for preventing boredom.   And it will challenge you to get out of your cooking comfort zone, and maybe even try some new foods or cooking them in a different way that you hadn’t thought of.   But in the average family household getting adventurous poses […]

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Is Breakfast Important?

is breakfast important

Is breakfast important for health and weight loss?   Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day or can you get away with skipping it?   What if you genuinely don’t feel hungry in the morning, or don’t have time for breakfast? How about if you exercise in the morning, does that make […]

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How Much Fat Should You Eat for Weight Loss?

how much fat butter

How much fat is necessary for health, and how much is too much?   What if your goals are weight loss, does that mean you should eat less fat?   What are the healthiest types of fat, and which ones should you be avoiding? Unfortunately there’s no one exact number for everyone, since everyone’s body, […]

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Why Are You Always Hungry?

always hungry

Being always hungry when trying to lose weight is extremely frustrating.   After all you need to eat less but being hungry makes you miserable, uncomfortable, and are much more likely to fall off the wagon.   Maybe you’ve always had a big appetite or maybe this is something that’s started happening more recently, but […]

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Fallen off the Wagon? 7 Tips to get back on the Diet

fallen off the wagon diet

Have you fallen off the wagon and need some inspiration to get back onto your healthy diet and exercise plan?   It happens – whether it’s life that gets in the way or our own motivation waning, you can’t expect progress to be perfect and linear all the time.   The important thing is you […]

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