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3 Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

clean eating meal plan

If you are needing a quick, easy and simple way to get back into healthy eating after falling off the wagon then this 3 day clean eating meal plan is just the ticket.   While there’s no official definition of clean eating, most experts agree it involves whole, natural, nutritious and unprocessed foods, just as […]

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How Often Should You Eat For Weight Loss?

how often should you eat clocks

To lose weight you need to eat fewer calories overall, but how often should you eat for weight loss?   Some people thing eating little and often is best. At the other end of the scale Intermittent Fasting, not eating at all for several hours (or entire days) and eating more on other days is […]

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How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

weight loss plateau

Hitting a weight loss plateau is very frustrating.   You’ve been doing all the right things, making progress, losing weight, then all of a sudden you’re not losing weight anymore!   Even if you don’t change your diet or exercise plan at all, a weight loss plateau is something so many people experience. But it’s […]

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Easy Ways To Eat More Vegetables

eat more vegetables

It’s pretty common knowledge that most people should eat more vegetables. But our brains are hard wired to seek out calorie dense foods like sugar and fat for energy, which is why vegetables are never quite as appealing unless we douse them in butter and cheese.   But eating loads of fruit and vegetables – […]

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Are these Diet Plans just Fads?

fad diet plans

Paleo, Atkins, Dukan, Clean Eating, oh no NOT ANOTHER FAD DIET! What’s causing this rise in ‘faddy’ diet plans?   Why can’t we all just eat sensibly?   Absolutely, that’s entirely what we should be doing. But before you dismiss these virtually household names on the basis that they’re promoting expensive products with a fancy […]

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What’s the Best Pre Workout Meal?

pre workout meal

What’s the best thing to eat for your pre workout meal? Does it even matter what you eat? Is it ok to NOT eat before a workout? As always, it depends on your goal and what the purpose of your workout is. Click Here to watch the video on YouTube and subscribe to hear as […]

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How To Lose Weight Eating Junk Food

junk food

Is it possible to lose weight eating junk food? The calories in vs calories out camp would have you believe so, as would bodybuilders and fitness fans who follow IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) The ‘clean eating’ camp tell you it’s food type and quality that matters more. So which is true? Can you […]

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How To Get Started with Healthy Eating & Exercise

start healthy eating

Getting started with healthy eating and exercise is always the first step.   Old habits may be deeply ingrained and it will take a while for these to be replaced with new, healthier choices.   Taking on a new diet and exercise plan may also seem completely overwhelming at first. If you make it too […]

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Clean Eating – Is it right for you?

clean eating salad

Clean eating has been a massive trend for some years now,   But what exactly is it, is it healthy, and is it right for you and your family?   While there’s no official definition of clean eating, most advocators insist on no processed foods, no refined sugar or flour, And some cut out dairy […]

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1 Week Easy Low Carb Diet Plan For Weight Loss

low carb diet plan

In Part 1  I explained how it is very possible to follow a great one week low carb diet plan for weight loss.   Here is your seven day eating plan…   Just to recap, this plan is based on working out three times a week, where you’ll have more carbs those days to help […]

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