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Why a Low Carb Diet? Start Here….

low carb diet

Is there such a thing as an easy one week low carb diet plan for weight loss? Of course there is! So lets have a proper look at this with a full overview and guide to ensure this diet can work for you…   Why eat low carb diet?     While there are pros […]

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The (not so new) Nordic Diet – Is THIS how to live longer?

Move over Mediterranean diet, the Nordic diet is the new must-do eating regime to lose weight and live longer. Well it is if you’ve read the headlines, and even the studies, that have shown that the Nordic diet is actually quite healthy.   Women’s glossy Prima Magazine recently did a write up and asked me to […]

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Portion Control for Weight Loss

portion control

When I ask Mums why they think they’re overweight, portion control, or rather, lack of it, is a fairly common response.   I would argue it’s too simple to say eat less.   That would mean you were hungry, and less able to resist overeating later, and I have a big appetite personally, so eat […]

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10 Benefits of Online Workouts & Nutrition

online workouts

If you’re one of the busy Mums who cite no time and/or childcare to exercise as your reasons for not getting in the workouts you know you should be doing, then online workouts are probably right for you.   Even if you are able to get to the gym, it might not be as good an […]

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What’s The Best Post Workout Meal?

Your post workout meal – the first meal you eat after an intense workout, can make a big difference to how you progress towards your fitness, strength, and weight loss goals. This increases in importance the more advanced you get; People who are new to exercise or have a lot of weight to lose just […]

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10 Healthy Snacks For Kids

Offering healthy snacks for kids is extra important because since they have smaller stomachs than adults and can’t eat as much in one sitting, they tend to eat little and often, making snacking an important part of a child’s diet. But as any parent will tell you, getting kids to eat a healthy, balanced and […]

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How Many Calories Do I Need?

Do you know how many calories you need?   If you are eating more calories than you burn off each day, you will gain weight.   If you eat fewer than you burn, you’ll lose weight.   And if you eat the same, you’re in balance and your weight will not change – well at […]

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7 Ways To Eat Healthy on a Budget

Choosing to eat healthy on a budget isn’t impossible. Even if you earn ok money, perhaps you are saving for a holiday or home improvements, and want to save on daily outgoings like food instead. But many families really need to stick to a tight budget, especially when women stop or cut down work to […]

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Should You Be Calorie Counting?

Have you every tried calorie counting? Heads up – if you’ve ever joined Weight Watchers their ‘points’ system is basically calorie counting. Then in the other camp we have the ‘clean eaters’ who propose no processed food, possibly no dairy or gluten, no sugar (there’s no actual definition of ‘clean’ food so it’s a bit […]

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Why You Should Have a Personalised Diet

Your body and your metabolism, and therefore the food you eat should be tailored to you. Only a personalised diet that you can tweak to suit how you respond is ultimately going to make you look, feel and perform at your best. Sure maybe someone you know did really well on Weight Watchers, or Atkins, […]

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