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21 Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder

signs of an eating disorder

Eating Disorders can be a serious and devastating illness, but like many illnesses chances of recovery are far better if they are caught early. So knowing the signs of an eating disorder could not only save a lot of pain and heartache, but could actually save a life too. And I should know, I suffered […]

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My Eating Disorder Recovery Story

eating disorder recovery

Since my Eating Disorder recovery videos went viral and I was invited to speak on Sky News, I’ve been able to reach out and  offer support and encouragement to other sufferers and their families.   I remember the first day I was admitted to hospital – one day, when I was strong enough, I would […]

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Live SKY TV – Eating Disorder News Feature

sky eating disorder news feature

Not many eating disorder news stories appear on your TV unless it’s a celebrity being ‘accused’ of starving themselves for a film role or bikini season.   Last May I finally came open about my past Eating Disorder and how I suffered and was very ill with Anorexia for years in my late teens and […]

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How to Deal With a Food Binge

food binge cake

How do you bounce back from a food binge? What constitutes a food binge is different to different people – for some it’s part of Binge Eating Disorder, where a person regularly eats an abnormal amount of food in one sitting in a short space of time, often amounting to thousands of calories. For others, […]

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Strong Not Skinny – My Anorexia Recovery

The words ‘strong not skinny’ are my mantra for the way I eat and exercise, and in this video I’ll show you why. For years I was devastatingly ill, both physically and mentally, with Anorexia Nervosa. (You can watch my ‘Eating Disorder Confession’ video here.) Against all odds I recovered, and now nourish and strengthen […]

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Stress and Weight Gain-Are They Connected?

People report putting on weight when under pressure, but is there actually a connection between stress and weight gain? I don’t mean emotional eating. Clearly if you comfort eat too often for whatever reason that’s going to contribute to weight gain. I mean the theory than being stressed actually makes you store fat more easily, […]

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My Eating Disorder Confession

I nearly died of an eating disorder. I’ve got to warn you this is raw, and I don’t mean uncooked, I mean emotionally raw. I love food, especially food that makes you feel good. But I wasn’t always like this, not by a long way. In fact, I nearly died. This is my ‘Coming Out’. […]

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How To Manage Your Anger

Ever felt that horrible heat as your anger levels rise and you literally feel like your blood is nearing boiling? We’ve all been there at some point. Here’s six great tips for keeping your cool, in an article I contributed to for The Debrief. •‘Buy time and count to 10,’ suggests nutritionist and health therapist Pollyanna […]

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