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You Should Eat Mince Pies on a Diet

mince pies

Is it ok to eat mince pies when you’re trying to eat healthily? What about all the other tasty festive treats we’re surrounded by over Christmas, surely they’re going to ruin your diet?   The ‘problem’ with these foods is that they are usually high in sugar and fat, making them high calorie (which adds up […]

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6 Questions to Ask When You’re on a Diet

on a diet

When you’re on a diet and diligently following the plan it can be hard to stop and ponder whether it’s actually working for you.   It’s true – most diets will make you lose weight if you stick to them properly.   But do they work long term? Can you stay on the plan long […]

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Is Perfection Keeping You Fat?


Perfection beats action every time.   Those who spend hours researching and preparing for something will always be overtaken by those who ‘just do it’.   This applies to all areas of life of course – work, travel, relationships, opportunities. There’s a time and a place for a bit of thoughtful contemplation, but if you […]

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10 Lessons from a World Famous Naturopathic Doctor

naturopathic doctor

It’s not often you get to spend the day with a world famous naturopathic doctor, but when you do, you sure as hell make sure you come away knowing more than when you woke up that day.   Dr Terry Wahls is infamous in the world of natural medicine, known best for using the Paleo […]

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20 Ways to Boost Weight Loss Motivation

bored weight loss motivation

Turning to health & fitness blogs and magazines to boost weight loss motivation can sometimes backfire.   Images of ‘perfect’ slim models are, in my experience as a weight loss coach, more likely to make you want to hide in your onesie and eat Maltesers than do some squats.   But staying motivated is essential […]

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The Thigh Gap Myth

A thigh gap is a space between your inner thighs when you stand with your feet together. It is seen by some women as a desirable shape, something to aim for in their weight loss journey.   But is it actually healthy? Or Even normal? Genes determine the thigh gap Whether you have a thigh gap […]

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Are You Creating Overweight Kids?

Have you considered you might have overweight kids and it’s all your fault? Ha! Bet that stirred your inner Mother Hen into defending her little piglets. Joking aside, if your children, even toddlers as young as 18 months, are overweight, they may be referred to weekly weightloss classes where they will be encouraged to try […]

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Inspirational Woman Award Goes To….

Women over 30 – did you ever used to watch Hollyoaks circa early 2000’s?  They had a mid-late Sunday morning omnibus which was perfect for lying in bed after a night out, spilling cereal on your duvet while your Mum would make no attempt at prevent your little siblings from banging on your door (you know who you […]

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Have You Designed Your Perfect Day?

My husband tells me there’s no point in doing more to help around the house, because as soon as I have more time, I fill it with more stuff. He is correct. I really do try and relax, but like most modern women you’ll probably empathise with our ‘need’ to be constantly busy, doing more, […]

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I take it back, I will NOT grow old gracefully

Last week I reached that day. I found my first grey hair. Oh you might role your eyes and have no sympathy because maybe you had that day long ago and aren’t we all tragic with our third world problems, but… Please, you remember that day right? It sneaks up on you like a hailstorm in any […]

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