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How To Stop Yourself Eating Too Much Cake

too much cake

We’ve all eaten too much cake at some point in our lives and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.   After all food is for enjoyment as well as nourishment and there’s no point in living a miserable life in pursuit of trying to be perfect all the time.   But too much cake when […]

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Are You Overeating Healthy Food?

overeating healthy food

In one camp we have the ‘clean eaters’ who focus on the types of food you eat, prioritising quality over quantity. In the other camp there’s the IIFYM crew who claim you can be healthy and look amazing on a diet of pop tarts and ice cream.   While I think most people would agree […]

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How To Have a Healthy Christmas

healthy christmas

A healthy Christmas doesn’t have to be boring or mean deprivation. However eating healthily when you’re surrounded by calorific tasty treats is not easy.   But healthy Christmas food is available too, not just Brussels sprouts & clementines, but in the sense that it is possible to enjoy treats while exercising some restraint at the […]

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How to Deal With a Food Binge

food binge cake

How do you bounce back from a food binge? What constitutes a food binge is different to different people – for some it’s part of Binge Eating Disorder, where a person regularly eats an abnormal amount of food in one sitting in a short space of time, often amounting to thousands of calories. For others, […]

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6 Reasons You are Overeating & How To Stop!

If you are overweight or can’t lose weight, you are overeating too many calories – it’s as simple as that! Maybe you know this already…   It’s a simple mathematical formula of energy in vs energy out. But the reasons you’re overeating could be one or many, so without knowing why you can’t stop at […]

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How To Stop Craving Food

craving food

The worst thing when you’re trying to cut calories and eat less is the continued cravings for food! But don panic, it’s not your fault! In fact it’s your brain’s built-in survival mechanism to ensure you don’t die of starvation. It’s natural! In the early stages of human evolution eating happened whenever you found and […]

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How To Reduce Sugar Cravings

If you want to reduce sugar cravings, you’re going to need to reduce the amount of sugar you’re eating.   Sounds simple enough, but we’re not just talking in your tea and cake, sugar is everywhere and comes in many different forms, some more natural and less processed than others, at the end of the […]

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How To Stop Craving Chocolate

In this video I’m going to show you a simple solution for how to stop craving chocolate. It’s all very well committing to not eating chocolate, biscuits, ice cream and cake, but what about when cravings strike? I’m not talking about genuine hunger, which comes from the stomach (in which case, eat!), this is about […]

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8 Reasons No Sleep Is Ruining Your Diet (and 8 Solutions)

No sleep or not enough of it is a killer for weight loss. Studies show people who get less sleep are more likely to be overweight or obese than people who get at least 7 hrs sleep a night. It’s day 3 of Bella (age 3 1/2) having a temperature. She’s coming into my bed every […]

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