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Breastfeeding and Fatloss

“Breastfeeding Burns Calories” we are told. It’s also the most natural and nutritious start for your little one, helping to protect against illnesses and allergies, as well as protecting against breast cancer in Mum, so it’s no wonder that almost three quarters of Mums in the UK choose to breastfeed their baby. Hmmm, if that’s so, […]

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Should You Send Your Kids To Bootcamp?

Is it just me or is our obsession with all things health, diet, and fitness now being inflicted on our children, as young as 2?! Don’t get me wrong, as a nutritionist and the Director of a health and fitness company I’m a Tiger Mother when it comes to my kids’ well-being – they don’t […]

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BBC South Today: Self-employed Mums

Why mums are choosing to work for themselves! Ok, so our ‘parts’ didn’t get shown as such, but it does show the group where we first met, and even little Bella and Amy (our youngest girls) get an appearance also!! BBC South Today did a feature on the Networking Mummies Hampshire in response to a […]

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