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Is seaweed spaghetti actually any good?

seaweed spaghetti

I’d never even heard of seaweed spaghetti until a couple of years ago, and first assumed it must be seaweed flavoured pasta, like that green spinach pasta I was always suspicious of as a child.   But it turns out seaweed spaghetti isn’t actually pasta at all.   It’s 100% seaweed, no added anything, yet […]

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8 Healthy Pasta Alternatives

If only there were some pasta alternatives that were as quick, convenient and versatile as the regular stuff but that wasn’t made of refined white flour (and gluten too, for those sensitive to it). Well there is……it’s pasta, but not as you know it! Look I understand, pasta with grated cheese and frozen peas is served up probably […]

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Dr Zak’s Protein Pasta Review – low carb pasta!

Dr Zaks High Protein Pasta Review – Low Carb Pasta! If you thought family favourites like spaghetti bolognese were off the menu when eating a higher protein, low carb diet then you’ll be pleased to know that there are a variety of low carb pasta, spaghetti and noodles on the market that can give you […]

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