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Fix Diastasis Recti & Pelvic Floor in 8 Weeks.

diastasis recti

Diastasis Recti after pregnancy is where the tummy muscles of the mother have not closed correctly, leaving a gap running from belly button to around where your underwear elastic sits.   It’s very common and totally treatable, and in some cases corrects itself over time, but sometimes requires gentle treatment to close the gap and […]

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Mums Weight Loss Challenges – Baby Bother

mums weight loss

Mums weight loss is different to non-Mums, which you’ll have realised as soon as you became a mother and attempted to get back into your pre-baby jeans!   There are certain factors that all personal trainers, nutritionists and weight loss coaches need to be aware of when helping Mums. Motherhood is a round the clock […]

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Why Mums Really Struggle To Lose Baby Weight

Why is that, compared to the average person wanting to lose a few pounds, Mums really struggle to lose baby weight?   Any half decent PT knows how to create a plan that results in weight loss for new Mums (or anyone for that matter) – the right choice and quantity of exercise combined with […]

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Finding Time To Workout – a Mum’s Tips

Finding time to workout is like a needle in a haystack some days (or most days?!) If you’re like me and most other women, you’re busier than ever. Between work, school runs, looking after the kids at home, ferrying between extracurricular activities and housework by the time the sun sets we’ve barely had time to […]

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Best Ab Exercises for Diastasis Recti

These alternative tummy exercises for Diastasis Recti are a must watch if your tummy muscles didn’t close properly after having a baby.  If you have Diastasis Recti (see image) then you need to be careful what abdominal exercises you do, as traditional ‘ab’ exercises and crunches don’t help, and may actually make it worse from straining […]

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Are You Making You Diastasis Recti worse?

Diastasis Recti can occur after pregnancy and is very common. Diastasis Recti is when the abdominal muscle don’t close completely following having a baby, leaving a vertical gap where the linea nigra was during pregnancy, along the mid-line of the tummy.   It can be corrected with gentle exercises done frequently, that engage the stomach […]

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The Smart Way To Shift Baby Weight

Every new Mum wants to lose the baby weight and get back into her pre-pregnancy clothes as soon as possible after giving birth. And while it’s important to be a healthy weight there are a few considerations when it comes to how to go about exercising and diet. Firstly if you’re breastfeeding you’ll need lots […]

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Are Mums under pressure to lose the babyweight? LBC Radio Interview

Maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy is important for the health of both Mother and baby.   Getting back to a healthy weight is also important after the baby’s birth. But how fast should a women lose the baby weight? Are women under too much pressure to lose weight quickly? The topic was discussed on […]

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Breastfeeding and Fatloss

“Breastfeeding Burns Calories” we are told. It’s also the most natural and nutritious start for your little one, helping to protect against illnesses and allergies, as well as protecting against breast cancer in Mum, so it’s no wonder that almost three quarters of Mums in the UK choose to breastfeed their baby. Hmmm, if that’s so, […]

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Baby Body Pride

If you’re fed up with seeing unrealistically perfect images of women in the media, you are definitely not alone, and this is no more apparent than amongst mothers who often feel at the very least completely inferior to their celebrity Mum counterparts who flaunt their perfect bodies like their most prized achievement is the fact […]

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