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Wheyhey Ice Cream Review

When I first decided to cut back on sugars and starch, as much as I was looking forward to having more energy, better overall health, and being stronger and more toned, I was slightly (ok very) daunted as to how on earth I was going to enjoy life without sweet treats. I have a serious […]

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Protein Power

We all know protein is a necessary part of our diet, and increasingly people are turning to it to help them lose weight and burn fat, so what exactly IS protein and where can we find it? Most people know meat is a good source, but that is a very simplistic answer, when in fact […]

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What Is That White Powder You Are Taking?

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In this weeks blog, we take a look at the ingredients that are used in Protein Powders…why these ingredients and drinks can be so important in the fatloss lifestyle approach, and basically clearing up a few misconceptions! What makes a good protein powder? AMINO ACID CONTENT A complete protein includes at least 20 different naturally […]

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