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Healthy Pumpkin Pie (low sugar)

healthy pumpkin pie

This healthy pumpkin pie recipe is refined flour and sugar free, very easy to make, and makes good use of the flesh from your Halloween pumpkin!   Of course if you’re reading this when Halloween has been and gone then if they’re in season where you are (typically September – November in the UK) then […]

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10 Scarily Easy Pumpkin Recipes

pumpkin recipes

It’s a Google search I do every year – pumpkin recipes that look both tasty and healthy enough to hoard every last bit of orange flesh once Daddy and the kids have finished carving.   I do think it was wonderful team work between the founding Pagan’s and school Government advisors to make Halloween fall […]

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Pumpkin Halloween Muffins with Matcha Icing

pumpkin halloween muffins

Halloween muffins are on the table at all the best Halloween parties, don’t you know.   And they have to be actually Halloween themed, not just any muffin, however tasty.   So that means orange, green or black with some blood red for good measure. But Halloween has a tendency to turn into a complete […]

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Pumpkin Recipes Packed With Protein

Hands up who had carving faces into pumpkins on the ‘to-do’ list this week? Us too! My kids have a great time with Daddy (it’s a yearly ritual) designing, drawing, cutting and scraping away while I attempt to control the mess. And I make sure they don’t throw away any of the insides – I […]

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