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How To Weigh Yourself Properly

weigh yourself

If you’re going to weigh yourself regularly to monitor weight loss progress make sure you’re doing it properly.   Bathroom scales are just one measure of progress or change and not always the best, especially if you don’t understand how to correctly interpret the numbers.   And before you think ‘but I’ve either gone up […]

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7 Signs your Diet IS Working (even if it doesn’t show on the scales)

signs your diet is working

When weight loss is your goals it’s easy to focus on just the number on the scales, but actually there are all sorts of signs your diet is working despite scale weight not budging much yet.   In fact scale weight alone is a very poor way to assess progress as you’ll discover while reading […]

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Unusual reasons why you have you gained weight

gained weight

If you have gained weight without meaning to there will always be a reason behind it.   Nobody ever puts on or loses weight without an underlying reason – we’re physical beings, it’s science.   The question is, why have you gained weight?   When you know the answer to this, you can reverse the […]

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8 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

not losing weight

If you’ve been on the diet rollercoaster for a while or stuck in a weight loss plateau then you might be wondering why you’re not losing weight.   Luckily for you I’ve helped hundreds of women overcome this exact problem and usually it’s not nearly as complicated, or difficult to solve, as you’d think.   […]

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The Scales Will Make Fools Of You

They’ve been the cause of many a panic, headache, bad mood, as well as joy, pride and feelings of self-control. Tears are shed and frustration, anger and disappointment take hold. The scales sure do have us under their thumb don’t they. I doubt there’s a person reading this who hasn’t at some point got on […]

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What is Body Fat Percentage?

Body Fat percentage is, quite literally, the percentage of your body that is made up of fat. The remaining percentage includes water, bones, organs, and muscle tissue etc. It is not the same as BMI which measures height versus weight. Two people with the same BMI can have a different body fat percentage. The higher […]

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Weight Loss V Fat Loss

Weight Loss v Fat Loss So you have lost weight, fab! Or is it? What did you lose? Fat? Fantastic. Water? Ok, if you had excess. Muscle? Uh Oh. You see, what we really mean when we want to lose weight is that we want to be smaller, go down a dress size, and tone […]

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