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300 Calorie Meals for Mums who like to Snack

300 calorie meals

Fitting in snacks between meals can easily tip you over your daily calorie needs to lose weight. These tasty 300 calorie meals (plus a list of 200 calorie snacks) will mean that even if you eat several times a day you won’t be eating more calories than you need.   Believe it or not I’m […]

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3 Ingredient Toffee Apple Pudding

toffee apple pudding

I never did care for a toffee apple as a child; the chocolate dipped ones are much more appealing! I don’t think that’s changed; I’m the biggest chocoholic you’ll ever meet, but it’s more to do with the chewy texture of toffee which doesn’t match up to the melt in your mouth feel of a […]

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After School Cheese Scones with a Healthy Twist

cheese scones healthy

Cheese scones are such a favourite with kids and grown ups alike – mild, comforting, filling, and just as conveniently portable on picnics as they are eaten warm at home.   But refined white flour isn’t the healthiest of ingredients so this recipe uses a mixture of ground almonds and coconut flour for some extra […]

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Healthy Packaged Snacks

healthy packaged snacks

While making homemade snacks and cooking everything from scratch sounds idyllic, sometimes we just need some healthy packaged snacks to grab in a hurry, when you’re on the go or when you’re just too tired to choose anything else!   These lists are not exhaustive, in fact the possibilities are endless.   But they are […]

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How to Use Protein Powder to Make Healthier Food

protein powder healthier food

While protein powders are traditionally used to make protein shakes, in this article I’m going to show you some other ways of how to use protein powder in your meals and snacks to boost the protein content and make healthier food and snacks than if made with more refined, processed, lower protein ingredients.   Protein […]

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Pulsin Natural Protein Bars Review

I love protein bars because they’re filling, nutritious, and help build and repair muscle while allowing me to satisfy my sweet tooth, but natural protein bars are surprisingly hard to come by!   In fact one day I’ll make my own (watch this space) but for now my high standards when it comes to both […]

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High Protein Healthy Hummus Recipe

healthy hummus recipe

Traditional hummus is healthy but pretty high in fat and calories, so this healthy hummus recipe is perfect if you’re trying to cut calories and lose weight.   Nothing wrong with fat, especially ones like olive oil that’s often used in hummus, but the calories stack up pretty quickly at at least 300 calories per 100g […]

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12 Healthy Christmas Food Swaps (no sprouts involved)

Having a healthy Christmas isn’t as difficult as you think. And it doesn’t have to mean missing out on tasty treats either! I’m the first to admit I’m a complete chocoholic and Christmas is no exception (in fact it’s more of an excuse!)   But with the average person gaining 5-7 lb over Christmas and suffering […]

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10 Healthy Snacks For Kids

Offering healthy snacks for kids is extra important because since they have smaller stomachs than adults and can’t eat as much in one sitting, they tend to eat little and often, making snacking an important part of a child’s diet. But as any parent will tell you, getting kids to eat a healthy, balanced and […]

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Half Term Pear & Butterbean Healthy Cookies

Healthy Pear & Butterbean Healthy Cookies Beans? In biscuits? Well yes in fact. There’s no butter in this healthy cookies recipe and the only fat is in a small amount of cashew butter, so moisture is provided from the fruit and beans, to hold it all together. Just to clarify there’s nothing wrong with butter […]

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