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Too busy for a normal workout? Effective 5min workout routine for mums

5 min workout

If you don’t have time to workout nowadays, you should certainly skip it, right? As this guest blog explains, you couldn’t be more wrong. You can still get the benefits of working out with as little as a five-minute sweat session. Yes, just five minutes.   Perhaps you’ve hardly thought about it as it doesn’t […]

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Stress and Exercise – should you take a rest day?

stress and exercise

The links between stress and exercise usually refer to working out being stress relieving, but if you’re already stressed, should you be exercising at all?   Exercise, while good for you, is another stress on your body. In fact it’s this stress that make it fitter and stronger, as your body adapts to be able […]

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Stress and Weight Gain-Are They Connected?

People report putting on weight when under pressure, but is there actually a connection between stress and weight gain? I don’t mean emotional eating. Clearly if you comfort eat too often for whatever reason that’s going to contribute to weight gain. I mean the theory than being stressed actually makes you store fat more easily, […]

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