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How can you cut down on sugar?

cut down on sugar

We keep being told to cut back on sugar because it’s ‘bad for us’, but just how can you cut down on sugar?   Here’s a few key facts do set the record straight:   Sugar will only cause weight gain if it contributes to a calorie excess, but it’s still damaging to teeth and […]

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8 Unhealthy Foods you Thought were Healthy

unhealthy foods cereal

Funny how foods and diets go in and out of fashion. People just can’t seem to make their minds up what are unhealthy foods and what are good for you after all.   Each week brings new research and science, so slowly we are increasing our knowledge of what’s really good for us.   But […]

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Is Sugar in Fruit Bad for You?

sugar in fruit

Sugar has taken a hit recently, including the sugar in fruit.   No longer is fat believed to be the root of all evil when it comes to our health (apparently it doesn’t give us heart disease after all). It’s the sweet stuff that is slowly killing us and quickly making us fat, they’re telling […]

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Petition for cheap healthy food with #DontTaxHealthy

cheap healthy food sugar tax

Something that seems to come up time and time again is that cheap healthy food is hard to come by.   It seems that supermarkets are keen to promote and put special offers on sugary junk foods, but fresh fruit and veg, as well as whole meats and fish, are much pricier. A staggering 40% […]

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How To Reduce Sugar Cravings

If you want to reduce sugar cravings, you’re going to need to reduce the amount of sugar you’re eating.   Sounds simple enough, but we’re not just talking in your tea and cake, sugar is everywhere and comes in many different forms, some more natural and less processed than others, at the end of the […]

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Which Is Better Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?

Are artificial sweeteners better than sugar? Is sugar better because it’s natural? Do artificial sweeteners give you cancer? Does sugar give you diabetes? Here’s the answers for you! Many people would admit to having a ‘sweet tooth’, myself included. Chocolate is my weakness, and ice cream slides down pretty well too. In fact when I […]

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Ways To Deal With Chocolate Cravings Today

Chocolate cravings are a real pain when you’re trying to lose weight. This blog is especially important if you have PMT right now – it will become clear later. I want you to eat chocolate today (unless you have an allergy, duh). I want embrace the fresh Spring……um…..rain? (never mind) and see the little flower […]

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Sugar Snub Food Guide Book Review

Sugar Snub Food Guide Book Review     Sugar Snub Food Guide By Claire White If you’re reading this it’s because you take an interest in diet and health. You care about what you eat, what you put into your body, and how that affects your health. You’ll have seen that sugar is the latest […]

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UK Sugar Report & “Sugar Tax” – WatchFit Experts Respond Pt. 2

Following on from Part 1, explore Watchfit Experts thoughts on the role and responsibility of advertising and so-called ‘health’ foods . They also offer practical advice on how to curb the obesity epidemics, and the responsibility we all have to ensure a healthy future for our communities.   The ‘Healthy’ foods that aren’t I wrote: “Should […]

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UK Sugar Report & “Sugar Tax” – WatchFit Experts Respond Pt. 1

PHE Report: sugar & an increase in obesity Sugar. It is definitely not good for you, but a controversial report released by Public Health England suggests that it may be the cause for the excessive and life-threatening rise in obesity witnessed over the past 30 years.   WatchFit Experts Respond We’ve reached out to four […]

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