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What Foods Have Fibre in them and Why SHOULD I eat fibre?

what foods have fibre

Fibre can help with everything from bloating to weight loss, but what foods have fibre in them? Fibre is a dieter’s best friend because it expands in your gut and makes you feel fuller for longer, and on less food, as it slows food breakdown.   It’s also fantastic for gut health, as your ‘good’ […]

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Lemon, Matcha & Coconut Energy Balls

coconut energy balls

These lemon, matcha and coconut energy balls are great when you need a lift, a little snack, or fancy something sweet without resorting to junk food.   We all love a sweet treat once in a while, and these bliss balls will satisfy your cravings without the guilt.   This recipe uses lots of store […]

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Do Weight Loss Superfoods Work?

weight loss superfoods

Do weight loss superfoods really work? With so many people struggling to lose weight, it’s a tempting idea. But which superfoods are effective, and which are a waste of money?   Sundried clothing asked if I would help dispel some myths and let you know which foods, super or not, really help you burn stubborn […]

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Energy Boosting Superfoods for Mums

mums suprefoods green goddess

Though the primary foods in any healthy diet for Mums should be wholefood proteins, fats, carbs and plenty of fruit and vegetables, adding superfoods as tasty extras can really help boost your energy levels. Your body prefers to get nutrients from real foods as opposed to synthetic vitamins. It quite literally absorbs more of them. […]

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Weight Loss Superfoods – Do They Work?

Are there such things as effective weight loss Superfoods? What is a Superfood anyway? Do you need them? How do you use them? And most importantly will they improve your health or help you lose weight?!   Additional highly nutritious ‘Superfoods’ include: Kiki Nature’s Living Superfood Blend – 100% raw,  green alkalising whole food supplement. It is […]

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4 Reasons Chillies Are Healthy For Exercisers

You’ve probably heard that chillies are healthy for us, for starters they count as one of your five a day…..IF you eat enough in one sitting! Most people can’t stomach the heat of that amount of fresh chilli in one sitting,   However the good news is that even small (palatable) amounts of chilli contains […]

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Why All Mums Really Need For Mothers Day is This…

What do Mums really want for Mothers Day? This question was originally answered on a guest post I did for Discover Your Style, a blog for, your guessed it, how to make the most of the way you dress and present yourself, which as I’m sure you know makes all the difference to how you […]

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Hemp Energy Balls

Hemp Energy Balls Makes 32   INGREDIENTS 180g hemp seeds 100g hemp protein (Pulsin’ do a nice one; get 20% off orders over £20 with code PTC20) 100g almonds, soaked in water overnight then drained 100g sesame seeds 60g honey 60g coconut oil, melted   Many of the ingredients can be found on buywholefoodsonline here, […]

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Blueberry Coconut Chia Bowl

There’s something comforting about eating breakfast from a bowl, with a spoon, hence my love of protein porridge in winter. But for something lighter and more refreshing (and absolutely amazing in terms of packing in the nutrients), this is really delicious, and can be made the night before, so great for work days.   Many […]

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Protein Pow Giant Peas

Well what else was I going to call them? They’re green, made with pea (protein), and round. Tasty snack balls for anytime – this recipe makes 4 Giant Peas. INGREDIENTS 30g Protein Pow Pea cooking mix 20g ground flaxseeds 2 tsp greens powder 15g peanut butter 45ml (3 tbsb) almond milk or water   METHOD Mix […]

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