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How To Set Your Metabolism on Fire

fast metabolism of fire

If there’s one thing everyone watching their weight wants it’s to have a fast metabolism that burns calories faster than a rocket on bonfire night. Your metabolism is the ‘engine’ that burns the food you eat as well as stored fat, turning it into energy such as: Heat to keep us warm Energy for basic […]

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Do You Need To Take Vitamins?


Half of all Brits will be taking vitamins and minerals in supplement at any one time.   Vitamin and Supplement manufacturers would have you believe that you need to be taking all sorts of supplements every day.   But do you actually need to supplement with vitamins or are they a waste of money? Multivitamin and […]

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Energy Boosting Superfoods for Mums

mums suprefoods green goddess

Though the primary foods in any healthy diet for Mums should be wholefood proteins, fats, carbs and plenty of fruit and vegetables, adding superfoods as tasty extras can really help boost your energy levels. Your body prefers to get nutrients from real foods as opposed to synthetic vitamins. It quite literally absorbs more of them. […]

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Does Weight Loss Tea or Coffee Work?

weight loss tea

I’m seeing a big increase in sales people promoting expensive weight loss tea and coffee products that contain added ingredients, purported to provide extra health benefits.   These range from weight loss to fat burning, increased immunity and longevity, to clearer thinking and improved brain functioning, some even say they prevent or cure diseases like […]

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Weight Loss Pills Review

weight loss pills

Losing weight can be a struggle, so it’s no wonder you’ve likely considered trying weight loss pills to help and speed up the process.   Do weight loss pills actually work?   If so HOW do they work?   I’ll be discussing all the different types of weight loss pills and how they work differently, […]

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Why Fat Burner Supplements DO Work

Testimonials for fat burner supplements aren’t lying – People DO take them and get amazing results. It’s the same with fad diets, detoxes, or any weight loss regime. But are they telling the whole story or are there other factors that have been missed? For example, who exactly are these people who gt great results? […]

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How To Stay Hydrated Naturally

We are told all the time to stay hydrated and drink more, but did you know that in certain circumstances drinking more water won’t hydrate you?!   And that one of the best ways to stay hydrated naturally is to use something completely controversial in the world of health…   Salt!     We can […]

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Weight Loss Superfoods – Do They Work?

Are there such things as effective weight loss Superfoods? What is a Superfood anyway? Do you need them? How do you use them? And most importantly will they improve your health or help you lose weight?!   Additional highly nutritious ‘Superfoods’ include: Kiki Nature’s Living Superfood Blend – 100% raw,  green alkalising whole food supplement. It is […]

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4 Reasons Chillies Are Healthy For Exercisers

You’ve probably heard that chillies are healthy for us, for starters they count as one of your five a day…..IF you eat enough in one sitting! Most people can’t stomach the heat of that amount of fresh chilli in one sitting,   However the good news is that even small (palatable) amounts of chilli contains […]

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To Supplement or Not To Supplement

The dietary supplements industry is worth $68 billion worldwide. That’s a lot of pills. Shouldn’t  we be able to get all the nutrients our bodies need from food? In an ideal world that’s exactly what we’d do. Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world. You can get tested to assess the nutrient levels in […]

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