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How to Find Healthy Disney Food

disney food

Think of Euro Disney food choices and what comes to mind is American inspired fast food and candy floss. So today’s blog is to prove that you can eat healthily anywhere, including Disneyland!   With a family trip to Euro Disney in Paris planned last autumn I wasn’t worried about what food would be available, […]

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We Enter The World of Beatrix Potter

hill top farm review

This Summer I achieved a childhood ambition of visiting the magical world of Beatrix Potter by booking a holiday to where she lived near Lake Windermere in the Lake District.   Not only that but a quick google led me to a special ‘Beatrix Potter Experience’ holiday run by the Lindeth Howe hotel, the only […]

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24 Tips to get the most out of your relaxing holiday

relaxing holiday

Holidays are supposed to be a time for relaxation as well as fun, so how do you enjoy your holiday so that you come back restored and not more frazzled than when you left home?   When you’ve been working hard or running around after kids at home the last thing you want is for […]

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Healthy Restaurant Meals – a Center Parcs Plan

healthy restaurant menu

Trying to pick healthy restaurant options can stress out even the savviest of healthy eaters, because you have less control over the way the food is cooked, ingredients used and portion sizes.   But eating out should be enjoyable no matter what your dietary needs or health goals, and it doesn’t have to be stressful […]

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Healthy Food is EASY To Get Here

Trust me you’ve got it good when it comes to healthy food choices. I was in America last weekend, I’m a nutritionist and am perfectly capable of understanding food labels, but even I struggled to understand them and find actual well, just plain food. It’s always a chemical concoction in a wrapper, heck I bet even […]

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4 Healthy Snack Ideas to Bring to Work

4 Healthy Snack Ideas to Bring to Work   One of the most difficult aspects of sticking to a strict, balanced diet is keeping that balance when snacking at work. Long days at work often need to be broken up, and people snack to keep their energy levels up or often just to break up […]

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3 Reasons to Eat Local, Seasonal Foods

3 Reasons to Eat Local, Seasonal Foods   It is often suggested that eating seasonally is a great idea, but it is rarely explained why. Look at any restaurant menu and they will proudly boast about their “Seasonal Fruits” dessert, or go in to any supermarket and wonder at their seasonal vegetables. Local, seasonal foods […]

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The Working Lunch – packed lunches on the go

The Working Lunch   Juggling work with family life, chores, school runs and everything else is not easy, that much we know. It’s easy to see why personal health and care can be you pushed to the bottom of our priorities. Yet is exactly because we’re so busy that we should put some thought into […]

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Chain Restaurants – Pick Of The Menus

Why is it that as soon as people leave the comforts of home and eat anywhere else, all sense of health, nutrition and portion control go out of the window? It is the ‘treat factor’? I get that, but these days we eat out so often that these ‘treats’ are actually having an impact on […]

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TFMF Eating Out Guide

The trouble with restrictive meal replacement diets (milkshakes, bowls of cereal), strict instructions (grapefruit at every meal, specific recipes to follow) and calorie/point/syn etc. counting methods is that they’re not very compatible with eating socially. Even when you can check your food choices against that book or app they’ve given you, wouldn’t you rather be […]

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