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Annual Guide To Winter Fruit & Vegetables

British soils don’t hang up their coats for winter Rather they switch to providing us with hearty, sustaining produce that offers us the energy and warmth we need to keep going through the cold weather. Here are some reasons to love local fruit and veg this winter: Low Calorie Root vegetables are richer in starch […]

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Eating Seasonally – Summer

We don’t always get the most fantastic Summers in the UK, but since different crops thrive in different conditions, there will always be something delicious and home grown to see us through the (sunny or not) Summer months. By no coincidence many of the vegetables available can be eaten raw – perfect when we’re in […]

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What food is in Season Now? Spring Vegetables

The baby-freshness that Spring brings is smelt and tasted in the little gifts that poke through along with the blossom that adorns the trees and bushes around us.   We’re all ready for it too after months of hearty root vegetables and meaty stews. I prefer baby leeks, carrots, peas and any other miniature to […]

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Eating Seasonally – Winter

Far from being a cold empty plain, British soils and seas are full of delights over the winter months, as well as there being numerous imported (Fair Trade if possible) goods that are in season in their native countries. Food tends to be naturally heartier and richer to sustain us through the cold weather, but […]

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Eating Seasonally – Autumn

You probably know by now what TFMF recommends you eat to optimise your metabolism – lots of lean protein, low starch and sugar vegetables and fruit, some healthy fats and regulated starch intake. But we also feel strongly that food should be ethically and environmentally sourced where possible – Free Range, Organic, Local, Seasonal – […]

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