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Do you have a vitamin D deficiency? Here’s the signs

vitamin d deficiency awareness week

If you live in the UK there’s a high chance you’ve had a vitamin D deficiency at some point, and are possibly suffering from the same nasty symptoms year on year, every Winter, without realising. Most of the vitamin D in our body is produced through sun exposure, something we’re lacking in Britain for half […]

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VITL Review; What Vitamins do YOU need?

vitl review vitamins4

What Vitamins do you Really Need? This is my VITL Review of their personalised nutrition and supplements app.   Anyone selling nutritional supplements will try and tell you you’re deficient in everything. But since that’s very unlikely, what vitamins and other supplements do you, personally, really need?   There’s one company that will help you […]

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Do You Need To Take Vitamins?


Half of all Brits will be taking vitamins and minerals in supplement at any one time.   Vitamin and Supplement manufacturers would have you believe that you need to be taking all sorts of supplements every day.   But do you actually need to supplement with vitamins or are they a waste of money? Multivitamin and […]

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Thriva Home Health Test – How Healthy Are You Really?

If you’ve ever had a blood test at your GP’s then you’ll know that this sort of health test is only usually given when symptoms suggest something in your body is amiss.   But “Everyone knows prevention is better than cure. In reality though, getting access to some of the most impactful and motivating information […]

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How To Stay Hydrated Naturally

We are told all the time to stay hydrated and drink more, but did you know that in certain circumstances drinking more water won’t hydrate you?!   And that one of the best ways to stay hydrated naturally is to use something completely controversial in the world of health…   Salt!     We can […]

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Why All Mums Really Need For Mothers Day is This…

What do Mums really want for Mothers Day? This question was originally answered on a guest post I did for Discover Your Style, a blog for, your guessed it, how to make the most of the way you dress and present yourself, which as I’m sure you know makes all the difference to how you […]

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To Supplement or Not To Supplement

The dietary supplements industry is worth $68 billion worldwide. That’s a lot of pills. Shouldn’t  we be able to get all the nutrients our bodies need from food? In an ideal world that’s exactly what we’d do. Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world. You can get tested to assess the nutrient levels in […]

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Only Fat People Use Raspberry Ketones

  Raspberry Ketones; all over the news, but what exactly are they? A new confectionary? This season’s must have shoe colour? A type of birth mark? Actually, Ketones are compounds found in various berries, and are commonly used in perfumery, cosmetics, and foods to impart a fruity odour. Extraction can be done using a variety […]

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