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How City Dwellers Stay Slim Without Trying

stay slim in the city

I was in London the other day for a meeting – mainline train followed by Tube and finally walking to my meeting destination, and every time I go to London I have an epiphany (or more a reminder since I see it every time?!) –  that most city dwellers seem to stay slim without trying. […]

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Why Should You Change Your Sedentary Life?

Some of the smartest inventions of the 20th Century have also become the most damaging to our health. I’m not talking about illegal drugs, or airplane crashes or even the threat of nuclear warfare. Of course those things are pretty deadly, but thankfully rare in the context of the general population. I’m talking about the […]

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The Benefits of Walking

So simple, so convenient, yet the lure of the car with its air conditioning / heated seats / speed means more people are likely to drive to the corner shop when walking would have still only taken us five minutes! Inactivity is the second leading preventable cause of death in the United States, second only […]

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