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Shift old habits and shed fat in just 3 weeks!

See Your Body Transform in
Just 21 Days!

Lose inches and gain confidence with this 21 Day Body Transformation Plan!

Forget decision making and being stuck knowing what to do, I've done the work for you - all you need to do is follow the plan and see the results for yourself, and it's only £47!

How It Works

All Done For You...

  • No willpower required - all decisions made for you
  • Get incredible results in just 3 weeks - tried and tested formula
  • Fast, simple & tasty meals - very little time or cooking skills required
  • Quick, no-equipment-needed workouts (before school run or lunch break friendly)
  • Calorie and Macro controlled meals to make sure you get results without room for error
  • Nutritionist approved - safe and effective
  • Ask me questions or seek support any time via the Plan's Community Support Group

Healthy never tasted so good....

All of this is included just to start with...

  • All meals & snacks for 21 days clearly stated in an easy to follow structure - just follow the plan
  • All shopping lists, menus & meal instructions - it couldn't be simpler
  • Full nutrition information for each recipe - calories, fat, protein & carbs
  • Click & Play 10 or 20 minute workouts (just follow along)
  • Entry to the Community Support Group for continued support
  • All this for just £47!

PLUS These Amazing Bonuses!

  • Food Swaps cheat sheet - change foods or ingredients to suit you
  • Convenience Food Guide - no excuses on the run!
  • Restaurant & Eating Out Guide - because food is a social occasion too
  • Email Support - you'll never get lost or left confused 
  • Supplements Guide - stop wasting money on things that do nothing!
  • Healthy for Life Guide - continue making progress long after the 21 days are up

Normally all of this content would cost hundreds.

But I LOVE seeing Mums like you succeed, so I want to make this easy for you!

No contract. No hidden fees. No long term commitments. One single payment. 

Do you want to get clarification and stop feeling confused about what you should and shouldn't be eating?

Would you like to stop sugar cravings happening in the first place so that not bingeing on chocolate becomes easy?

Would you like to be able to get fitter, tighter and more toned in just 10 minutes a day?

Would you like a flatter stomach and better fitting jeans in less than a month?

Is low body confidence getting you down and stopping you from enjoying life to the full?

Book your place today for a happier, healthier you by clicking the big orange button below.

(£47 one time payment)

Common Questions....

    • Do I need access to a gym or equipment? No, all the workouts can be done at home and need no equipment.
    • Will I be making separate meals for myself from what the family eats? Not unless you want to. Eating the same meal is encouraged as it saves time and effort.
    • Will I have to give up all my favourite comfort foods? No, you might have to cut down, but cutting them out for life isn't realistic.
    • I don't have time to exercise! That's what most Mums think before we take a look at your schedule together and figure out what works for you. The 21 Day Workouts start at just 10 minutes a day. Trust me we can make that fit somewhere!
    • Will I have to buy any supplements or pills? No. Sometimes certain supplements can enhance your well-being, but they certainly aren't compulsory.
    • I don't need to lose a bunch of weight, I just need to tone up. Is this plan right for me? Yes! I just needed to tone up when I started my journey too, the transformation has been incredible!
    • If I'm already doing some exercise or activity that I really enjoy, will I be able to add this programme to what's already working well for me? Absolutely. In particular the nutrition plan will provide the missing piece to your current activities. 
    • If I take a break from the programme and miss a week for some reason, will I be able to get right back on without being left behind? For sure, let's say you get sick or have a last minute work trip; when you get back you can pick up right where you left off, since you get lifetime access to the programme.
    • There are some foods I don't like - will I have to eat them? No! Though I may be able to entice you with a tasty recipe, I'm not going to force you to eat something you really don't like. 
    • I have food intolerances, how is this going to work? No food is compulsory and any allergies and intolerances can easily be accommodated. In fact I've provided a comprehensive cheat sheet on how to make food swaps and alternatives.
    • I'm not a great cook, will I find the recipes too hard? I'll confess, I'm an ok cook but I'm also a lazy cook! All the recipes are quick, simple, and full instructions are given. 
    • I'm a vegetarian / vegan, is this plan appropriate? A food swaps cheat sheet is provided so alternative foods can be switched in. Vegans will have to make more swaps but it is possible. 
    • The last diet I tried left me hungry all the time, and I was craving chocolate so badly! It's a myth losing weight means going hungry. In fact it's a sure fire way to fall off the wagon so I'm not going to let that happen. 
    • Do I have to weigh food or count calories? Some recipes involve a bit of measuring, but only so that in three week's you'll have learnt how to portion meals to make them both satisfying and fat burning.
    • Are the nutrition and exercise safe for me if I have an existing health condition or if I'm pregnant/breastfeeding? Health conditions are a case by case basis so check with your GP first. The nutrition plan is completely safe and very healthy for a nursing or expectant mother. The workouts are suitable once you've had your 6 weeks post birth check up, but I can provide alternative resources to keep you fit and supple in the mean time. 
    • How can you guarantee this will work for me? There are never guarantees that anything will work in an exact way for everyone. Everyone who has done the plan has lost weight, inches, got more energy, been motivated to continue on their health journey and have been extremely happy with all the support they received. However in the instance you weren't happy then a full refund is available. 

Let's hear it from the Mums....

*results may vary and are based on compliance with the programme

Your Coach

Pollyanna Hale

I'm Pollyanna, Mum of two girls, weight loss coach and founder of the award winning The Fit Mum Formula.

I specialise in helping Mums like you lose weight, tone up, and have more energy that you thought possible since.....well having kids!

I'm especially good at helping you overcome Mum-specific problems like no time, energy, having to put everyone else first, and of course not enough sleep!

I'll show you how you can eat well and exercise no matter how tired or busy you are - I do it every day and I'll show you how you can too.


As with all The Fit Mum Formula services, I pride myself on giving you real information that works, and if you follow the plan as instructed, you will get results. That being said, you can't please everyone all of the time. So if you're genuinely not happy then of course you'll get a full refund, no hard feelings. I've never had to refund an unhappy customer, ever, but should it be needed, it's not a problem and we're still friends 🙂

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