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3 Super Easy Tips to Eat Healthier Today (no shopping required)

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Most people could probably eat healthier than they’re currently doing; if you’re being honest, that’s you too!


But the biggest issue I see is people making it way more complicated than it has to be.


Instagram influencers show how us how beautiful we could make our food with a bit more effort.

Chefs knock up elaborate recipes that take us 5 times as long to make.

Lots of healthy foods can be found on buywholefoodsonline here, use code POLLY-IMZB to get 5% off all orders!


Dogmatic diet ‘gurus’ argue about keto vs vegan.

The truth is for most people eating well is really, really simple. Not easy (temptation is everywhere!), but it is simple.

Mike from Amplified Fitness has a good list of food swaps here that are so easy to do, yet will make your over all diet much more nutrient dense.

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In this video I’ll share 3 super simple tips you can start implementing right now, today. You won’t have to buy anything or even change what you planned to cook for dinner tonight!

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