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30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Are you ready to wipe the slate clean, give your diet a much needed healthy makeover, and change the way you cook and eat for life....in just 30 Days?

ALL these delicious recipes are included! 

Expert cooking skills and big budgets are NOT required. Among being kept accountable to make simple, daily, actionable tweaks to the food you know and love, you'll also be shown how to make:

Blueberry Coconut Bowl

Hemp Energy Balls

Healthy Fish & Chips

Onion Tart (high protein!)

Mojito Smoothie!

Strawberry & Cashew Pudding

Get ALL these easy to read guides, step by step, to change your eating habits step by step, little by little, without feeling overwhelmed. 

Just 5 minutes a day is all you need to read (over a well earned cuppa!) and implement the steps outlined in the plan.

You'll receive:

What IS Clean Eating, anyway?

There's no official definition, but really it's just simple healthy eating.

Unfortunately most people really struggle to do this on a day to day basis (probably you if you've landed on this page).

So by creating a step by step accountability plan and guide it becomes much easier to follow and implement.

We won't be cutting out all your favourite foods or making you cook complicated meals three times a day, but we will:

  • Eat way more of the good stuff, but make it really tasty.
  • Learn which foods need cutting back on (and they're not always what you think)
  • Receive checklists and charts to tick off as you go, and print out and stick where you'll see them - the fridge door or kitchen cupboards are ideal. 

Why Should I do this?

Check out this cool infographic that explains the benefits, click the picture for a bigger version:

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