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Why Aldo Zilli agrees Dry January is nonsense

aldo zilli dry january

Many people will have started the year with Dry January, a health movement that encourages people to give up alcohol completely for the first month of the year.


This idea is probably a welcome one for many people who have over indulged during the Christmas period and want to give their liver a rest.


The benefits of not drinking alcohol are numerous, including better energy levels, clear skin, and weight loss.


But is going tee total for one month each year the right approach?


I was invited onto celebrity chef Aldo Zilli’s show on Soho Radio to talk food, wine and waistlines, and must to my amazement he didn’t ask me if it’s true that pasta makes you fat!


(hint: it doesn’t, unless it contributes to excess calories)


It’s a fabulous show if you’re a foodie, and even if you’re not, Aldo is highly entertaining!


I’m on from 32 minutes in, click below to listen:

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