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Which Is Better Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?

Are artificial sweeteners better than sugar?

Is sugar better because it’s natural?

Do artificial sweeteners give you cancer?

Does sugar give you diabetes?

Here’s the answers for you!

Many people would admit to having a ‘sweet tooth’, myself included. Chocolate is my weakness, and ice cream slides down pretty well too.

In fact when I was much younger, at dance school so i didn’t want to put on weight – I would eat ice cream instead of a meal sometimes (instead of so I still didn’t have too many calories).

Now I know that was wrong on many levels – eating food that very me very little in the way of nutrients (especially as an active dancer), it’s the type of eating that plays havoc with your sugar levels, and paves the way for a poor relationship with food.

But my sweet tooth remains and it’s pushed me to be creative and find other ways to eat sweet things that are actually pretty good for you. Some of my favourites include:

  • Greek yoghurt mixed with strawberry or vanilla protein powder into a pudding
  • Peanut butter and cocoa powder with chopped pear for dipping
  • Cottage cheese with stevia and lemon juice – it’s like lemon cheesecake!

Of course I don’t live off these – meat, fish, and tonnes of vegetables and salads still make up the bulk of my diet, but we all have our weaknesses and if the above stop you from hitting the Ben & Jerry’s? Great!

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