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Brodie Skincare Review

I would like to start by stating that no, I have not been paid to write this blog. Neither am I receiving a big box of freebies as a thank you (so far as I know!), and no, the creators of Brodie Skincare are not friends of mine; I am doing nobody a favour.

Secondly, before life as Director of The Fit Mum Formula, before kids, I was a beauty and holistic therapist at a world renowned spa, hold an HND in Health and Beauty Therapy Management plus various add on qualifications, and being a self-confessed beauty junkie, have tried, researched and read up on more skincare brands than you probably realise exist. In short, I value my opinion on skincare enough to publish a blog on it. Plus I’m vain and don’t want to get wrinkly.

Q: What’s different about the skin of active or sporty people?

People with active lifestyles have the same skincare issues as most people, but these issues tend to be to a greater degree. More wind, sun, rain and pollution exposure. More chlorine and salt. More washing during post-workout showers, which is yet another way skin is stripped of natural oils. More sweating and elimination of toxins; a good thing ultimately that leads to clearer skin, but the process of skin detoxification itself can lead to problems such as breakouts. Salt left on the skin which has been brought out from sweat dries skin further, as does general dehydration. Chaffing from goggles, sweatbands and helmets, extremes of temperature, and heat rash are all more likely to occur when exercising, depending on your choice of sport or exercise of course.

Q: Why do I need a moisturiser specifically designed for people who exercise?

You don’t. What you do need are products that address the issues noted above, which are higher in active ingredients, moisturisers, protective values and recovery benefits, since your skin’s needs are the same, but greater.

Brodie Skincare Recovery Phase Rehydration Cream

Reading the ingredients list is like entering the Garden of Eden, in fact I think workers at Cornwall’s Eden Project and London’s Kew Gardens would be quite impressed with the abundance of natural botanical active ingredients. Like I always say, don’t fight Mother Nature, she’ll always win.

I was also impressed with the skincare policy as I carry high ethical and environmental as well as quality standards which extend to not just the food I eat and the clothes I wear but to what I put on my skin as well.

But just because a cream has fantastic ingredients does not mean it delivers results. Science is way more complicated than that – substances do not sink into the skin just because they are put on the skin, and if they do, that is not necessarily enough for the benefits to take place within cells. Some creams are like cling film –you can put them on but they just sit there doing nothing.

Neither can you see real results from a cream straight away. Sure your skin might feel moisturised and soft but it would after applying most creams. It takes 6 weeks for the skin to do a complete cycle, by which time you can see if a cream has really been doing good and feeding new cells deep in the skin. I never judge a cream before I’ve finished the jar.


The first thing I noticed about Brodie’s Recovery Phase Rehydration Cream is how quickly it sinks in, with absolutely no trace of oil despite the abundance of oils in the ingredients. This is due in part to two things – the oils in question are close in size to the skin’s own oils, so sink in readily, and aloe vera, another active ingredient, has the action of drawing other ingredients deep into the skin where they are needed, as well as having its own beneficial properties. So despite not ‘feeling’ greasy, dryer skins still get all the moisture they need, but where they need it, which is not sitting on top of the skin. I also noticed I didn’t need a serum underneath like I normally do, to still feel the benefits, though were Brodie to bring out a serum I would be very interested to see what difference it could make.

End result? I was really hoping that I would like this cream and that my skin would appreciate it, as the ingredients list is much more natural than the majority of skincare on the market, but I tried it with an open mind knowing that though it looks good, it may just be a nice concept that doesn’t deliver. I am very happy to report that this is not the case, the softening and nourishing abilities of the cream are every bit as impressive as they sound, and I would highly recommend Brodie’s Recovery Phase Rehydration Cream to not just sporty individuals, but anyone who would like to ‘feed’ their skin and nourish it in the same way that you would your body.

I tried the fragrance free version but there are also natural Green Tea fragranced ones which will not irritate skin like chemical perfumes can. Brodie also do a Recovery Phase Swim Hydration Cream to provide a barrier against salt or chlorine as well as repair the skin and boost natural skin barriers post swim.

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