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The Best Dairy Alternatives When You Need Protein

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These days many people are opting to follow a dairy free diet, and producers have thankfully responded with a vast array of dairy alternatives that make dairy free living easier.


Dairy products are very nutritious, containing protein, some carbohydrates and fat, as well as vitamins A, D, E and K, plus the minerals calcium, magnesium and phosphorus amongst others. I’ve nothing against dairy foods if you don’t have a problem digesting them (which some people do).


But not everyone eats dairy products, either because of an intolerance or allergy, choice (e.g. veganism), or simply because they feel better without it.

But with dairy products being such convenient stables in our modern diet, what are the best alternatives?


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Dairy products are a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and some fat and/or carbohydrates depending on the food in question.

In this video I’ll talk about alternatives both in practical terms (e.g. cooking replacements) and also nutritionally how to get protein elsewhere if you’re on a dairy free diet.

I also mention a video on vegan protein sources which you can watch here.

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