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Elier Organic Mud Mask Review

I have to admit I was sceptical about trying this. I was approached by a friend who is really passionate about skincare and natural health like I am, so she rightly assumed it might be something that would interest me.

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The bit that made me sceptical was that Elier operates as a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) system, which is not a problem to me in itself, rather that my past experiences with any MLM products I’ve tried is that they are of poor quality and don’t live up to the hype they use to market the products.

The mask also states it is suitable for every skin type which is another claim I am sometimes suspicious of since different skins do require different treatments.

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Aqua, Peloid (Peloid Complex®), Sodium Chloridе.

The mask is comprised of 90% mud (which has a high water content, hence the first ingredients on the list being ‘aqua’), taken from 10 million year old caves in the reservoirs of the Baltic region, with the remaining 10% being minerals essential to skin health and other body functions – more than 800 different compounds in total. There are no preservatives, and no pesticides or other inorganic residues.

Some of these compounds include Vitamins, Bioflavanoids & Isoflavones (antioxidants), Peptides (proteins made from amino acids), fatty acids, enzymes and minerals (including Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Chlorine, Selenium, Iodine and Iron). I won’t go into the multitude of functions all these have in your skin and body so let’s just say that they’re good for you J. Mud also contains humic acids, naturally occurring substances that carry many beneficial properties.

Elier also claim that these elements are in a very bioavailable form, in other words forms that your body recognises and uses easily. This I believe because all vitamins, minerals etc. are most ‘bioavailable’ in the natural state they were found in (in this case in mud). It’s the same with food nutrition – vitamins and minerals in food are much more bioavailable that supplements in pill or powder form, a fact manufacturers try and improve on to supply you with supplements that actually enter your body and do something. At least good brands do anyway.


Less stressed skin?

It also claims to contain cortisol to ‘enhance smoothing of the skin’ which prompted me to spend 20 minutes searching scholarly articles which show that the ‘stress’ hormone can in fact be beneficial to our skin. Alas I found none (I was pretty sure I would have come across this in my time working as a beauty & holistic therapist).

I think perhaps they were referring to Cortisone (just a guess) – the steroid hormone that is often used to reduce inflammation such as eczema.



I got two masks out of each sachet, and wrapped the opened sachet in clingfilm in between uses. The mask is shockingly dark – for the sake of any unexpected visitors please avoid answering the doorbell whilst using. My 3 year old Bella clung to her elder sister for the entire 10 minutes I had it on. So on that note it’s very useful for when the kids are driving you mad and you need a break 😉


There is no nasty smell, chemical, muddy or otherwise, and my skin didn’t ‘tingle’ or sting like it can with some masks. I’ve not got particularly sensitive skin but for someone who has I don’t think this would irritate it, and the recommendation is to just leave it on for 3-5 minutes instead of 10-15 for other skin types.

The mask dries quickly and is surprisingly easy to wash off (I use a muslin cloth which helps), leaving no mess or muddy streaks looking like you’ve been playing rugby on a wet October Sunday morning.



Well for one of the first times ever I’m going to eat my words and say that actually I really liked this!

After all four uses (twice a week) my skin had fewer blemishes and looked clearer and smoother. I have pretty good skin due to meticulous skincare but even I noticed a difference – I imagine the effects on someone who really needed the improvements would see an even more pronounced effect.

Unlike many mud masks this didn’t dry my skin out one bit. I’m in my 30’s now (shhh!) and with each year my skin gets drier, so I usually go for rich, creamy, enzyme based exfoliating masks and was worried this might leave my skin feeling tight. Somehow it didn’t, not one bit. It just felt really clean, which makes me wonder if I’m really cleaning my skin properly in the first place. Or maybe I do need to start using Elier Mud Masks more often.


For more information about purchasing this Mud Mask or any of the other Elier products please see https://www.facebook.com/MudSkinCare ,  or email nannija@nannijas-mud.co.uk

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