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Have You Designed Your Perfect Day?

My husband tells me there’s no point in doing more to help around the house, because as soon as I have more time, I fill it with more stuff.

He is correct.

I really do try and relax, but like most modern women you’ll probably empathise with our ‘need’ to be constantly busy, doing more, ticking things off the list, and striving to make everything ‘better’, even if that’s just tidying up.

We seem to have lost our ability to just be. 

Yesterday morning we were late for school again, because in the 3 minutes we had before we needed to leave I decided to put away the dry pans and dishes from the draining board next to the sink.

And it ended up taking more than 3 minutes, so we were late, again.

See I can’t even blame the kids!

Being a Leap Year, we get an extra day this year, this coming Monday in fact, the 29th February.

A whole extra 24 hours that we wouldn’t normally have.

You’re always complaining you need more hours in the day, and now you’re getting it!

So what will you do? Get a haircut or massage? Go out to lunch with a friend? Maybe even sneak in an afternoon nap or just watch DVDs all day in your pyjamas?

Ha yeah right!

We’ll most likely cram it with all the things we do on all the other days – work, emails, chores, errands, school runs, nursary drops, shopping, cooking, perhaps an actual 5 minute (3 mins longer than normal) soak in the bath if we’re lucky.

Which leads me to the question….

If you were to design your perfect day, what would it look like?


Here’s a few snippets of what mine would include:

Wake early (6am ish) naturally, feeling refreshed and invigorated, yet calm and relaxed.

Cup of tea on the sofa, in the quiet, while reading a few email blogs I’m subscribed to that I love and find really interesting.

– Kids get up and are as good as angels, make themselves breakfast and clearIing up, before hubby joins us and then gets the kids dressed.

Workout at home whilst listening to a podcast while kids play with their new kittens, then hubby takes them to buy new shoes/clothes/whatever they need while I go for a massage then we all meet up for a casual but healthy and delicious lunch which I don’t have to cook or clean up after.

– The rest of the day might include some family fun (bowling/farm visit?), baking cakes with the kids, and a film that we all enjoy for no reason other than enjoyment (nothing educational here); Home Alone went down pretty well at Christmas.

Now I don’t want you to copy me I want you to create your own perfect day, but as you can see it’s not always the flashy stuff that we want most.

Sometimes we actually just need to do less, keep it simple, and not feel guilty that we’re not ticking off jobs faster than my 3 year old gets through outfits (fast, FYI).

What little things make you happy?

What would be your perfect day?

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