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I take it back, I will NOT grow old gracefully

Last week I reached that day.

I found my first grey hair.

Oh you might role your eyes and have no sympathy because maybe you had that day long ago and aren’t we all tragic with our third world problems, but…

Please, you remember that day right?

It sneaks up on you like a hailstorm in any month of the year in ‘sunny’ England. You knew it was coming but you couldn’t say exactly when.

(I could have said like the day the earth will end but that may have been a little over-dramatic).

One day we’re in mini skirts and crop tops and Spice Girl platform trainers with our wrinkle free skin and pert pre-breastfeeding boobs (oh if only we appreciated how great we looked at the time).

The days when you would go out partying after a day at college/work and still turn up the next day, only just functioning, but at least you could do it, just.


Now it takes 3 days to recover from a hangover, and that’s if you stick to organic red wine.

I’m only 32 by the way, so I’m talking to you not your Grandma.

Ageing is actually an interesting process, if you’re a sciency geek like me.

But since I’m going to assume you don’t want a biology lesson let me summarise a few points:

  • Gaining weight as you age is mostly due to muscle loss
  • An older person with more muscle than a younger, skinny-fat person will have a faster metabolism than their younger counterpart
  • In my time as a therapist at a 5* spa, the women who aged the best ate well, exercised, and got fresh air
  • No amount of money on creams is as good as a healthy life
  • Cellulite creams don’t work. Massaging any cream in can help, a bit
  • Being fit and strong equates to having more energy and vitality
  • The right types of exercise increase human growth hormone (HGH) which is very anti-ageing
  • The wrong types of exercise age you faster
  • Eating fat is crucial to healthy skin and hair
  • Skin and hair are made of protein. Eat it.
  • Stress is ageing. Sleep lots, meditate, relax

Now the feminist-anti-discrimination-non-judgemental-love-yourself crew are going to batter me for this since I seem to be implying that you should make an effort and not ‘let yourself go’.
And they are right.
You are not your body.
You are not your skin (wrinkly, spotty, or otherwise).
You are not your age.
You are a human with a soul and a personality and you are special just as you are for being you…
Sod that I’m dying my hair.

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