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I’m sorry, I failed you….

Big apologies are due, and about time too.

Have I messed up big time?

Not exactly.

In fact you lot love how much great information and help you’re getting, it’s really making a difference to your health, food and exercise decisions.

You give your opinion on Facebook posts, you retweet and reply on Twitter, you chat to me and each other in the Free Facebook Group and you even take the time to reply to emails saying how much better you feel after following the advice I dish out (for free).


It wasn’t enough.

You wanted more.

You need more.

I get at least one email a day (often more) from people telling me how much they’ve been helped so far, and I reply to every single email, personally.

But usually there’s another question there too. Maybe you were wondering about what’s the best exercise for ‘x’ or is ‘y’ supplement worth taking, or sometimes you’re just struggling to think of more interesting (healthy) things for supper!

You need me on hand more often than I’ve been giving.

You need to be able to ask random questions that you think are silly but I never do, and they’ve been holding you back and you need an answer.

You need reassurance that you got it right.

You need me to point out when you’re not getting it right.

You need me to make sure you’re doing the things which we both know will help you get the results you want and make you feel amazing.

You need me to show you what you’ve achieved when for some reason your partner/kids/Mum don’t realise how hard that actually was NOT eating half the cake batter before baking the cake (yeah been there).

So what am I going to do about this?

Well, I still have small kids with me most of the time (which is why I do what I do btw – it’s for busy Mums not people with hours to twiddle perfectly painted-nail thumbs), I spend a LOT of time and money on continuing to educate and improve my knowledge and skills so that I can help you better, and as much as I’d like to help every single one of you and you are clearly asking for it,  there are just not enough hours in the day.

So I’m having to prioritise and make this service available to only a very limited number of people, in fact only two on a 1-to-1 basis right now, and only if we both establish that you’re committed to working with me properly, so that means a skype or phone chat first to see if you’re ready to change.

It was a funny old bloke (you may have heard of him, Einstein or something) who said doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity. But ‘change’ is a complicated psychology and it’s not easy, so if you’re not there yet that’s fine you know where I am when you’re ready (provided the spaces aren’t full).

It’s very frustrating when people come to you for advice then ignore it. We’ve both got better things to do with our time so serious applicants only please.

Click Here to schedule a call with me and we can work out the best way forward to get you feeling amazing again.

If you really can’t make those times hit reply and we’ll sort something out – I can’t promise a small child won’t pull faces behind my back but hey us Mums are pretty good at multitasking right?!

I look forward to chatting,

Polly xxx

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