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Why a Low Calorie Diet Won’t Work

low calorie diet

You need to eat fewer calories than you’re burning to lose weight – fact. But a very low calorie diet might backfire in the long run.

This can be achieved by eating less, or burning more, or ideally both.

Every diet works like this, be it following a meal plan, meal replacement shakes, cutting out food groups or only eating (or not eating) at certain times.

But if lowering calories make you lose weight, does it stand to reason that lowering calories further will speed up weight loss?

Not necessarily. Because both your body and your brain will do their best to stop you from staving.

I’m not just talking about your body going into ‘starvation mode’, because while that exists not nearly as many people experience as they think.

Am also talking about willpower and your ability to stick to (or not) a very low calorie diet.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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